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General Knowledge Questions - 3

Q. "Tunku Abdul Rahman Cup" is associated with-
Answer: Badminton.
Q. National sports day is observed on-
Answer: 29th August.
Q. Durand cup 2013 won by-
Answer: Mohammedan. (beating ONGC)
Q. Ronaldo is associated with which sports?
Answer: Football.
Q. Ali Akbar Khan is a famous artist of which instrument?
Answer: Sarode.
Q. "Waiting for Godot" is written by
Answer: Samuel Beckett.
Q. Aristophanes is regarded as the father of-
Answer: Comedy.
Q. Anton Chekov, the play wright, was from which country?
Answer: Russian
Q. Satyajit Roy made a short film on the life of a dancer. Who is the dancer?
Answer: Birju Maharaj.
Q. Sanjukta Panigrahi was a great performer in-
Answer: Odissi.

 General Knowledge Questions - 3
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Published on Saturday May 23 2020
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