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Important National and Independence Days of All Countries

January 1 – Camaroon-Independence Day 
January 1 – Haiti-Independence Day 
January 1 – Western Samoa-Independence Day
January 1 – Sudan-National Day 
January 1 – Burma-Independence Day 
January 1 – Chad-Independence Day 
January 1 – Australia-Australia Day 
January 1 – Nauru-Independence Day 
January 1 – Cuba - Liberation Day
January 4 – Myanmar-Independence Day
January 9 – Northern Mariana Islands- National Day
January 13 – Togo - Togolais Day
January 26 – Australia - Australia Day
January 31 – Nauru - National Day

February 4 – Ceylon/Sri Lanka-Independence Day 
February 6 – New Zealand-Waitangi Day
February 7 – Grenada-Independence Day 
February 11 – Iran-Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran
February 16 – Lithuania - Independence Day
February 18 – Gambia-Independence Day 
February 22 – St Lucia-National Day
February 23 – Guyana-National Day
February 23 – Brunei Darussalam-Independence Day
February 24 – Estonia-Independence Day
February 25 – Kuwait-National Day
February 27 – Dominican Republic-Independence Day 

March 1 – Wales-National Day-St. David's Day 
March 1 – Bosnia & Herzegovina-National Day
March 3 – Morocco-National Day 
March 3 – Bulgaria-National Day
March 6 – Ghana-Independence Day
March 12 – Mauritius-Independence Day 
March 17 – Ireland-St. Patrick's Day 
March 19 – Liechtenstein-St.Joseph's Day 
March 20 – Tunisia-Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Tunisia
March 21 – Namibia-Independence Day
March 23 – Pakistan-Pakistan Day 
March 25 – Greece-Independence Day 
March 26 – Bangladesh-Independence Day 

April 4 – Hungary-Liberation Day 
April 4 – Senegal-Independence Day 
April 16 – Denmark-Queen's Birthday 
April 17 – Syria-Independence Day 
April 18 – Zimbabwe/Rhodesia-Independence Day 
April 19 – Sierra Leone-Republic Day
April 26 – Tanzania-Independence Day
April 26 – Yugoslavia-Constitution Day (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia)
April 27 – Austria-Founding of the Second Republic 
April 27 – South Africa-Freedom Day
April 27 – Sierra Leone-Independence Day 
April 27 – Togo-Independence Day 
April 28 – Afghanistan-Victory of the Afghan Jehad
April 29 – Japan-Emporer's Birthday 
April 30 – The Netherlands/Holland-Queen's Birthday 

May 1 – Marshall Islands-National Day
May 3 – Poland-National Day
May 9 – European Union-European Day
May 9 – Czechoslovakia-Anniversary of Liberation 
May 11 – Laos-Constitution or National Day 
May 12 – Israel-Independence Day
May 14 – Paraguay-Independence Day 
May 15 – Israel-Independence Day 
May 17 – Norway-Constitution Day 
May 20 – Cuba-Independence Day 
May 20 – Cameroon-National Day
May 22 – Yemen-National Day
May 24 – Eritrea-Independence Day
May 25 – Argentina-National Day 
May 25 – Jordan-Independence Day 
May 26 – Guyana-Independence Day 
May 26 – Georgia-National Day
May 28 – Azerbaijan-National Day
May 28 – Ethiopia-National Day
May 30 – Croatia-Statehood Day
May 31 – South Africa-Republic Day 

June 1 – Tunisia-National Day
June 1 – Western Samoa-Independence Day 
June 2 – West Germany-Republic Day 
June 2 – Italy-Republic or Constitution Day 
June 4 – Tonga-Emancipation Day
June 5 – Seychelles-Independence Day 
June 6 – Sweden-National Day 
June 10 – Portugal-Portugal Day, Camoes Day & Day of Portuguese Communities
June 12 – The Philippines-Independence Day 
June 12 – Russia-National Day
June 17 – Iceland-Republic Day 
June 18 – Seychelles-National Day
June 19 – Kuwait-National Day 
June 23 – Luxembourg-National Day & Official Birthday of HRH the Grand Duke
June 25 – Croatia-Independence Day 
June 25 – Slovenia-National Day
June 25 – Mozambique-Independence Day 
June 26 – Malagasy Republic/Madagascar-Independence Day 
June 27 – Djibouti-Independence Day 
June 30 – Republic of Congo/Kinshasa-Independence Day 
June 30 – Zaire-Independence Day 

July 1 – Burundi-Independence Day 
July 1 – Canada-Canada Day 
July 1 – Ghana-Republic Day 
July 1 – Rwanda-Independence Day 
July 1 – Somalia-Independence Day 
July 3 – Belarus: National Day
July 4 – United States of American-Independence Day 
July 5 – Venezuela-Independence Day 
July 6 – Malawi-Independence Day 
July 9 – Argentina-Independence Day 
July 10 – Bahamas-Independence Day 
July 11 – Mongolia-Revolution Day 
July 12 – Sao Tome and Principe-Independence Day 
July 14 – France-Bastille Day 
July 14 – Iraq-Republic Day 
July 17 – South Korea-Constitution Day 
July 20 – Colombia-Independence Day 
July 21 – Belgium-Independence Day 
July 22 – Poland-Liberation Day 
July 23 – Egypt-National Day 
July 23 – Ethiopia-Emperor's Birthday 
July 26 – Liberia-Independence Day 
July 26 – Maldive Islands-Independence Day 
July 28 – Peru-Independence Day 

August 1 – Dahomey-Independence Day 
August 1 – Switzerland-Confederation Day 
August 5 – Upper Volta-Independence Day 
August 6 – Bolivia-Independence Day 
First Monday in August – Jamaica-Independence Day 
August 7 – Ivory Coast-Independence Day 
August 9 – Singapore-National Day 
August 10 – Ecuador-Independence Day 
August 14 – Pakistan-Independence Day 
August 15 – Republic of Congo/Brazzaville-Independence Day 
August 15 – India-Independence Day 
August 16 – Cyprus-Independence Day 
August 17 – Gabon-Independence Day 
August 17 – Indonesia-Independence Day 
August 18 – Afghanistan-Independence Day 
August 23 – Rumania-Liberation Day 
August 25 – Uruguay-Independence Day 
August 31 – Trinidad and Tobago-Independence Day 
August 31 – Malaysia-Merdeka Day (Freedom Day) 

September 1 – Libya-Revolution Day 
September 2 – Vietnam-National Day 
September 3 – Qatar-Independence Day 
September 3 – San Marino-Anniversary of Founding 
September 6 – Swaziland-Independence Day 
September 7 – Brazil-Independence Day 
September 8 – Andorra-National Festival 
September 9 – North Korea-Founding Day 
September 9 – Bulgaria-Liberation Day 
September 15 – Costa Rica-Independence Day 
September 15 – El Salvador-Independence Day 
September 15 – Guatemala-Independence Day 
September 15 – Honduras-Independence Day 
September 15 – Nicaragua-Independence Day 
September 16 – Mexico-Independence Day 
September 16 – Papua-New Guinea-Independence Day 
September 18 – Chile-Independence Day 
September 21 – Belize-Independence Day 
September 21 – Malta-Independence Day 
September 22 – Mali-Republic Day 
September 23 – Saudi Arabia-National Day 
September 26 – Yemen-National Day 
September 30 – Botswana-Independence Day 

October 1-2 – People's Republic of China-National Day 
October 1 – Nigeria-Independence Day 
October 2 – Guinea-Independence Day 
October 4 – Lesotho (Basutoland) Independence Day 
October 7 – Fiji-Cession Day around 
October 7 – East Germany-Constitution Day 
October 9 – Uganda-Wasteland Day 
October 10 – Republic of China/Taiwan-National Day 
October 12 – Spain-National Day 
October 24 – Zambia-Independence Day
October 26 – Iran-Birthday of the Shah 
October 26 – South Vietnam-Republic Day 
October 27 – Saint Vincent and Grenadines-Independence Day 
October 29 – Turkey-Republic Day 

November 1 – Algeria-Revolution Day 
November 3 – Panama-Independence Day 
November 3 – Dominica-Independence Day 
November 7 – Soviet Union-Revolution Day 
November 9 – Cambodia-Independence Day 
November 11 – Angola-Wasteland Day 
November 11 – Rhodesia-Independence Day 
November 12 – Saudi Arabia-The King's Coronation 
November 12 – Comoros-Independence Day 
November 19 – Monaco-National Fete 
November 22 – Lebanon-Independence Day 
November 25 – Suriname-Independence Day 
November 28 – Albania-Coors Day 
November 28 – Mauritania-Independence Day 
November 29 – Southern Yemen-Coors Day 
November 29-30 – Yugoslavia-Republic Days 
November 30 – Barbados-Independence Day 

December 1 – Central African Republic-National Day 
December 5 – Thailand-His Majesty's Birthday 
December 6 – Finland-Independence Day 
December 9 – Tanzania-Independence Day 
December 11 – Upper Volta-Republic Day 
December 12 – Kenya-Independence Day 
December 18 – Niger-Independence Day 
December 21 – Nepal-Independence Day 

Important National and Independence Days of All Countries

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Vikram Ambalal Sarabhai (12 August 1919 – 30 December 1971) was an Indian physicist and astronomer who initiated space research and helped develop nuclear power in India. He was honoured with Padma Bhushan in 1966 and the Padma Vibhushan (posthumously) in 1972. He is internationally regarded as the Father of the Indian Space Program. Some interesting facts about Vikaram Sa
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The Consumer Protection Act,2019 comes in to force from today i.e. 20th July 2020. While briefing the media about the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 through video conference here today, the Union Minister for Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution Shri Ram Vilas Paswan said that this new Act will empower consumers and help them in protecting their rights through its various no
6. Shaheed Udham Singh (26 December 1899 – 31 July 1940)
Shaheed Udham Singh (26 December 1899 – 31 July 1940) was a revolutionary belonging to the Ghadar Party, best known for his assassination in London of Michael O'Dwyer, the former lieutenant governor of the Punjab in India, on 13 March 1940. The assassination was in revenge for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Amritsar in 1919 for which O'Dwyer was responsible. Singh was subsequently tried and convicted of murder and hanged in July 1940. While in custody, he used the name Mo
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Dubbed as the biggest bureaucratic reform initiative, the Union Cabinet Wednesday approved ‘Mission Karmayogi’, a new capacity-building scheme for civil servants aimed at upgrading the post-recruitment training mechanism of the officers and employees at all levels. Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this exercise will “radically” improve the government’s human resource management practices and asserted it will use state-of-the-art infrastructure to
8. Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava - (31st July 1880 - 8th October 1936)
Dhanpat Rai Shrivastava - (31st July 1880 - 8th October 1936), better known by his pen name Munshi Premchandwas an Indian writer famous for his modern Hindustani literature. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the Indian subcontinent, and is regarded as one of the foremost Hindi writers of the early twentieth century. His novels include Godaan, Karmabhoomi, Gaban, Mansarovar, Idgah. He published his first collection of five short stories in 1907 in a book called Soz-e Watan.
9. Consumer Welfare Fund
The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 had set in motion a consumer movement in the country. The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 which came into effect from 20th July 2020, and replaces the Consumer Protection Act of 1986 would give greater fillip to the ongoing consumer movement in the country.The Consumer Protection Act, 2019 provides for establishment of the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) to promote, protect and enforce the rights of consumers as a class.  The Act provides for  simpli
10. July 31, 2020 Google Celebrating Pacita Abad
Today’s Doodle celebrates Philippine artist, feminist, and activist Pacita Abad, renowned for her bold use of color and mixed media as well as her use of art to address global themes. On this day in 1984, Abad made history as the first woman to receive the Philippines’ prestigious Ten Outstanding Young Men award.  Pacita Abad was born on October 5th, 1
11. Mohammed Rafi (24 December 1924 – 31 July 1980)
Mohammed Rafi (24 December 1924 – 31 July 1980) was an Indian playback singer. He is considered as one of the greatest and most influential singers of the Indian subcontinent. Rafi was notable for his voice, versatility and range; his songs were varied from fast peppy numbers to patriotic songs, sad numbers to highly romantic songs, qawwalis to ghazals and bhajans to classical songs. He was known for his ability to mould his voice to the persona and style of an actor, lip-syncing t
IMPORTANT COMMITTEES OF THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY AND THEIR CHAIRMEN ------------------------------------------------------------- Name of the Committee Chairman ------------------------------------------------------------- Committee on the Rules of Rajendra Prasad Procedure Steering Committee Rajendra Prasad Finance and Staff Committee Rajendra Prasad Credential Committee
13. Indian Independence Movement
Indian Independence Movement The Indian independence movement encompasses the efforts to free India from British rule from the Nineteenth Century until the granting of Independence in 1947. The Independence Movement involved a range of different strategies from revolutionary acts of violence, to peaceful non-violent protests. Leaders of the Independence movement
14. World Metrology Day - 20 May
The theme for World Metrology Day 2020 is Measurements for global trade. This theme was chosen to create awareness of the important role measurement plays in facilitating fair global trade, ensuring products meet standards and regulations, and satisfying customer quality expectations. Indeed more widely metrology, the science of measurement, plays a central role in scientific discovery and innovation, industrial manufacturing and international trade, in improving the
INDIAN STATES AND IMPORTANT FESTIVALS Goa Zatra at Cansaulim Feast of St. Francis Xavier Carnival Feast of Immaculate Conception, Goa Liberation Day. Himachal Pradesh Minjar Mela Jwalamukhi Fair Losar, Himachal Day Rakhadumni: Rakhi Karnataka Mak
16. Nobel Laureates
Nobel Laureates Amartya Sen (b-1933): Prof. Amartya Sen is the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Economics for the year 1998, becoming the first Asian to have been honoured with the award. The Santiniketanborn economist who is a pioneer in Welfare Economics has to his credit several books and papers on aspects of welfare and development. An economist with a difference, Prof. Sen is a humanist. He has distinguished himself with his outstanding writings on
17. List of First in India
List of First in India ● First Governor-General of Independent India—Lord Lewis Mountbatten ● Indian Governor-General of Independent India—Chakravarti Rajgopalachari ● Chief of the Indian Armed Forces—General K. M. Carriappa ● Field Marshall—General S. H. F. J. Manekshaw ● President—Dr. Rajendra Prasa
COMMITTEES OF THE CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY The Constituent Assembly appointed a number of committees to deal with different tasks of constitution-making. Out of these, eight were major committees and the others were minor committees.  The names of these committees and their chairmen are given below :  Major Committees  1. Union Powers Committee - Jawaharlal Nehru  2. Union Constitution Committee - Jawaharlal
HARYANA CIRCLE PA /SA EXAM GENERAL KNOWLEDGE SOLVED PAPER (EXAM HELD ON 27/04/2014) 1. How many teams are participating in IPL 2014? Ans.:8 2. Who is the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha at present? Ans.: Kariya Munda 3. Who is presently the chairman of the finance commission? Ans.:  Dr Vijay L Khelkar Yv Reddy  is the chairman of 14 Finance commission. But now 13th commission is on running .
20. Famous Airports in India
Famous Airports in India Amritsar international airport  - Punjab Indira Gandhi international airport - New Delhi Lokpriya Gopinath Bordolio international airport - Guwahati Sardar Vallabhai Patel international airport - Gujarat Netaji Subash Chandra Bose international airport - Kolkata Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport - Mumbai Hyderabad Airport - Hyderabad Goa Airport - Goa Chennai international airport -
21. History of Indian Postal System
History of Indian Postal System Year — Work 1766 — Establishment of first Indian Postal system by Lord Clive in India. 1774 — Establishment of first G.P.O. in Kolkata by Warren Hastings. 1786 — Establishment of Madras G.P.O. 1793 — Establishment of G.P.O. at Mumbai 1854 — On Oct
22. United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF)
USCIRF is an independent, bipartisan U.S. federal government commission created by the 1998 International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) that monitors the universal right to freedom of religion or belief abroad.  USCIRF uses international standards to monitor religious freedom violations globally, and makes policy recommendations to the President, the Secretary of State, and Congress.  USCIRF Commissioners are appointed by the President and Congressional leaders of both political parties.  T
23. National Highways in India
National Highways in India The complete list of  National Highways in India NH 1 (km. 456) – Delhi to Amritsar and Indo-Pak Border  NH 1A (km. 663) – Jalandhar to Uri  NH 1B (km. 274) – Batote to Khanbal  NH 1C (km. 8) – Domel to Katra  NH 1D (km. 422) – Srinagar to Kargil to Leh  NH 2 (km. 1,465) – Delhi to Dankuni  NH 2A (km. 25) &
24. General Knowledge Questions About Sports
General Knowledge Questions About Sports 1. Who is the leading wicket taker in the history of Test cricket —Shane Warne  2. What can be the maximum length of a cricket bat —32'  3. What is the distance between popping crease and stumps on cricket pitch —3½ ft  4. With Which game/sport is 'Popping crease' associated —Cricket 
AWARDS AND THEIR RELATED FIELDS Bharat Ratna: It is the highest civilian award of the India. The award was given for outstanding achievements in the arts, literature, science and public services  but the government expanded the criteria to include "any field of human endeavor". The number of annual awards is restricted to a maximum of three in a particular year. Nobel Prize: The Nobel Prize is widely regarde
26 Indian Army Short Service Commission (SSC) Remount Veterinary Corps 2020 #Medical & Pharma 11 Days Remaining for Apply
 Indian Army Short Service Commission (SSC)  Remount Veterinary Corps 2020 Application on the prescribed format is invited from qualified male veterinary graduates for Short Service Commission (SSC) in Remount Veterinary Corps of Indian Army for the year 2020. Army SSC Remount Veterinary Corps Rec ...
27 UPSC Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS) (I) 2021 #UPSC 1 Days Remaining for Apply
The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will hold the Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS) (II), 2020 on 7th  February 2021 for admission to Indian Military Academy, Dehradun, Naval Academy, Ezihimala, Air force Academy, Hyderabad, and Officers Training Academy, Chennai for the courses (Men and Women) for recruitment of following 345 Sarkari Naukri Vacancy of Officers in Navy, Army, and Indian Air Force. (UPSC Advt. No. 2/2021.CDS-I) Online application on prescribed format i ...
28 Non-Teaching Vacancy Recruitment in NIT Jalandhar 2020 #Punjab 1 Days Remaining for Apply
Dr. B. R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar (Punjab) invites online applications in the prescribed format for Recruitment to the following various 93 Non-Teaching Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts (Advt. No. 04/2020) NIT Jalandhar Non-Teaching Recruitment 2020 Vacancies     Technical Assistant : 23 vacancies (UR-11, EWS-02, OBC-06, SC-03, ST-01), Pay Scale : Pay Level-6 ₹35400-112400     SAS Assistant : 02 vacancies ...
29 ICMR Scientist-E and Scientist-D Recruitment 2020 #Scientist & Research 6 Days Remaining for Apply
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) under Department of Health Research, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India invites online application on prescribed format from Indian nationals for recruitment and filling up these Government Job Vacancy posts of Scientist-E, Scientist-D (Medical/Non-Medical) in various disciplines. (Advertisement No. ICMR/Sc-E & Sc-D/2020/2-Pers.) ICMR Scientist Recruitment 2020 Vacancies ...
30 Recruitment of Non-Teaching Vacancy in NIFTEM #Jobs 12 Days Remaining for Apply
 Recruitment of  Non-Teaching  Vacancy in NIFTEM NIFTEM invites online application in the prescribed format for the recruitment of the following Non-Teaching Sarkari Naukri vacancy in NIFTEM in various disciplines in the office of NIFTEM. This is Government Job in Haryana State. (Advertisement No. N/HR&/H/2020/31) ...
31 Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level Examination 2020 by SSC #SSC 16 Days Remaining for Apply
 Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level Examination 2020 by SSC The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) will hold an open competitive Computer Based Combined Higher Secondary (10+2) Level (CHSL) Examination 2020 from 12/04/2020 to 17/04/2020 for Recruitment of various Group-C Government Jobs (Sarkari Naukri) Vacancy (Tier-I) for various Ministries/ Departments/ Organizations in the Government of India. ...
32 ICMR Assistant Vacancy Recruitment 2020 #Scientist & Research 4 Days Remaining for Apply
Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), New Delhi has entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh for holding of Computer Based Test (CBT) Recruitment Examination/Test for Sarkari Naukri Vacancy posts of Assistants (Group-B Level-6) of ICMR by PGIMER, Chandigarh. ...
33 Himachal PSC Principal Officer Recruitment 2020 #Himachal Pradesh 5 Days Remaining for Apply
Online Recruitment Applications (ORA) are invited by Himachal Pradesh (HP) Public Service Commission (PSC) from desirous and eligible candidates for recruitment to the following   Government Job Sarkari Naukri Vacancies of Principal (B.Pharma), Planning Officer, and Veterinary Officer Vacancy under various Departments, Himachal Pradesh (Advertisement No. 07/10-/2020, 09/10-2020 and 10/10-2020). ...
34 Assistant Professor College Education Vacancy Recruitment by RPSC 2020 #Rajasthan 9 Days Remaining for Apply
Assistant Professor College Education Vacancy Recruitment by RPSC 2020 Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) invites Online application on prescribed format for the recruitment for the following Faculty Sarkari Naukri vacancy of Assistant Professor (College Education) Recruitment Examination 2020 for College Education Department of Rajasthan Government (Advt. No. 04/EP-I/2020-21). ...
35 Recruitment of Constable Vacancy in Bihar Police Swabhiman Battalion 2020 #Bihar 15 Days Remaining for Apply
 Recruitment of  Constable Vacancy in Bihar Police Swabhiman Battalion 2020 Central Selection Board of Constable (CSBC) of Bihar Police invites Online application in the prescribed format from Indian nationals for the following 8415 Sarkari Naukri vacancy of  Constables (Male/Female) in Constable grade of Bihar Police (BP), Bihar Military Police (BMP), Specialised India Reserve Battalion (SIRB) and Bihar State Industrial Security Battalion (BSISB) in Bihar s ...
36 Recruitment of Scientist Vacancy in Ministry of Environment 2020 #Scientist & Research 21 Days Remaining for Apply
 Online Applications on prescribed format are invited from eligible Indian citizen candidates for recruitment for filling up of Government Job Vacancy posts of Scientists in the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC) including its attached and subordinate offices on direct recruitment basis. (Advt. No. 01/02/2020-P.III).   Environment Ministry Scientist Recruitment 2020 ...
37 Recruitment of Group-A/B/C Vacancy in AIIMS Delhi and NCI Jhajjar 2020 #Delhi 2 Days Remaining for Apply
Online Applications on prescribed format are invited from eligible Indian citizen candidates for filling up of the following Group-A, Group-B and Group-C Sarkari Naukri Para-Medical (Non-Faculty) vacancy posts at All India Institutes of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi and NCI Jhajjar (Haryana) (Advt. No. 1-17/2020-Estt-I(RCT)). AIIMS Delhi Jhajjar Group A B C Job Vacancy Recruitment ...
38 Teaching Non-Teaching Job Vacancy Recruitment in All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) 2020 #Delhi 23 Days Remaining for Apply
Application is invited from suitable and desirous candidates in the prescribed format for the recruitment following Teaching Faculty and some other Non-Teaching Government Job Vacancies in the All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) at New Delhi to be filled up by Direct Recruitment/Deputation basis in AIIA. (Advt. No. AIIA/Rectt./03/2020). All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) is a newly creat ...
39 Job Vacancy Recruitment in NPS Trust 2020 #Sarkari Naukri 22 Days Remaining for Apply
National Pension System Trust (NPS Trust) is established by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA/Authority). NPS Trust invites applications from eligible Indian citizens for recruitment to fill up the following Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts of Managers on direct recruitment basis. (Advertisement No. 1/2020-21) National Pension System Trust Jobs Recruitment 2020 ...
40 Recruitment of Assistant Engineer Civil Vacancy in NWDA 2020 #Jobs 32 Days Remaining for Apply
The National Water Development Agency (NWDA), an autonomous Society under the Ministry of Jal Shakti Irrigation invites online applications in the prescribed format for the following Govt. Job vacancies of Assistant Engineer (Civil Engineering) (Advt. No. 06/2020) NWDA Recruitment NWDA Assistant Engineer Civil Recruitment 2020 Vacancies     Assistant ...
41 Navik (Domestic Branch) Recruitment in Coast Guard 1/2021 batch #Defense & Police 8 Days Remaining for Apply
Online applications on prescribed format are invited from  Indian Nationals possessing educational qualifications and age as prescribed below, for recruitment to the Government Job vacancy post of Navik (Domestic Branch - Cook & Steward)  in the Indian Coast Guard (an Armed Force of the Union) under Ministry of Defence, Government of India for 01/2021 batch entry. Coast Guard Navik Vacancy ...
42 Recruitment of Junior Engineer Trainee Electrical Electronics Telecommunication Vacancy in UPPCL 2020 #Uttar Pradesh 29 Days Remaining for Apply
Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd (UPPCL)  invites online application on prescribed format from eligible Indian Nationals for direct recruitment to the following Sarkari Naukri vacancy posts of Junior Engineer (Trainee - Electrical Engineering) and Junior Engineer (Trainee - Electronics/Telecommunication) for various offices (DISCOMS/TRASCO) of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd. (UPPCL) (Advt. No. 07/VSA/2020/JE/E&M). ...
43 2000 Probationary Officer Recruitment in SBI #Bank 5 Days Remaining for Apply
State Bank of India (SBI) invites Online applications in the prescribed format from eligible Indian Citizens for appointment for the recruitment of the following 2000 Sarkari Naukri vacancy position of Probationary Officers (PO) in State Bank of India (SBI) on regular basis for the year 2020-21. (Advertisement no. CRPD/PO/2020-21/12) SBI, a Fortune 500 company,  has an overseas presence t ...
44 Canara Bank Specialist Officer Vacancy Recruitment 2020 #Bank 16 Days Remaining for Apply
anara Bank, a leading listed Public Sector Bank having headquartered in Bengaluru (syndicate Bank is merged with Canara Bank), invites Online applications in the prescribed format for recruitment to the various government job vacancy posts in the Specialized category in JMG Scale-I and MMG Scale-II in the Specialist Officer cadre in various specialist disciplines (Advertisement No. CB/RP/2/2020). ...
45 ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR SESSION 2021 - 2022 CLASSES V & IX (BOYS & GIRLS) CLASSES VI & VII (GIRLS ONLY) IN Acharyakulam #Admission 21 Days Remaining for Apply
ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR SESSION 2021 - 2022 CLASSES V & IX (BOYS & GIRLS) CLASSES VI & VII (GIRLS ONLY) IN AcharyakulamUnder the spiritual and divine guidance of Param Pujya Yogrishii Swami Ramdev Ji and Param Shraddhey acharya Balkrishna ji, Acharyakulam nurtures its students in the divine and spiritual vic ...
46 UPSC Government Jobs Vacancy Recruitment 15/2020 #UPSC 18 Days Remaining for Apply
Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Dholpur House, New Delhi invites Online application on prescribed recruitment form by 17/12/2020 for following Sarkari Naukri Government Jobs vacancy posts especially Statistical Officer etc. in various Central Government Departments/Organisations in the prescribed online format (UPSC Advt. No. 15/2020). ...
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