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Delhi Postman Mail Guard Exam General Knowledge Solved Paper (Exam Held on 21-12-2014)

1. Who among the following has not won the Bharat Ratna Award? 
(A) CNR Rao (B) M. G. Ramachandran 
(C) Sivaji Ganesan (D) K. Kamaraj (Ans : C)

2. Complete the following series: YAZ, WBX, UCV, .……
(A) STD (B) SOT (C) SEP (D) SDQ (Ans : B)

3. Who among the following has not held the post of Chief Election Commissioner of India? 
(A) Navin Chawla (B) S. Y. Qureshi 
(C) Rangarajan (D) J. M. Lyngdoh (Ans : C)

4. Who presided over the Karachi Session of the Indian National Congress 1931 ? 
(A) Sardar Patel (B) Subhash Chandra Bose 
(C) Gandhiji (D) Maulana Azad (Ans : A)

5. Arrange the following in the increasing order of their size. 
Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana 
(A) Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka 
(B) Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Karnataka 
(C) Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu 
(D) Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala (Ans : D)

6. Which of the following languages was not awarded Classical Language status by the Central Govt. ? 
(A) Bengali (B) Sanskrit (C) Kannada (D) Oriya (Ans : A)

7. In a row of boys, if Ashok who is 10th from the left and Zakir who is 9th from the right interchange their positions, Ashok becomes 15th from the left. How many boys are there in the row ? 
(A) 23 (B) 31 (C) 27 (D) 29 (Ans : A)

8. Who among the following won the US Open Tennis Champion- ship 2014 ? 
(A) Kei Nishikori (B) Serena Williams 
(C) Venus Williams (D) Petra Kvitova (Ans : B)

9. Who among the following is associated with 'Wikileaks' ? 
(A) Julian Assange (B) Edward Snowden 
(C) Mark Zuckerberg (D) Oscar Pritorius (Ans : A)

10. The 'Budhacharita' was written by– 
(A) Amarasimha (B) Bhasa 
(C) Virasena (D) Ashwaghosha (Ans : D)

11. Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus? 
(A) Ebola (B) Malaria 
(C) Rabies (D) Yellow Fever (Ans : B)

12. Simuka was the founder of which dynasty? 
(A) Pallava (B) Satavahana 
(C) Rashtrakuta (D) Huna (Ans : B)

13. The violent incident at Chauri Choura occurred during which of the following agitations? 
(A) Civil Disobedience Movement (B) Non Co-operation Movement 
(C) Quit India Movement (D) None of these  (Ans : B)

14. Arun said, "This girl is the wife of the grandson of my mother. " Who is Arun to the girl? 
(A) Uncle (B) Father-in-law 
(C) Grandfather (D) Cousin (Ans : B)

15. Which of the following rivers flow into the Bay of Bengal? 
(A) Indus (B) Narmada (C) Tapti (D) Yamuna (Ans : D)

16. The ozone layer is found in–
(A) Troposphere (B) Stratosphere 
(C) Exosphere (D) Thermosphere (Ans : B)

17. We get which vitamin through exposure to sunlight? 
(A) Vitamin A (B) Vitamin D 
(C) Vitamin E (D) Vitamin K (Ans : B)

18. Who was awarded the Best Actress in the 61th National Film Awards? 
(A) Geetu Mohandas (B) Amruta Subhash 
(C) Geetanjali Thapa (D) Suhasini (Ans : C)

19. In which state is the Chilka lake? 
(A) Odisha (B) Andhra Pradesh 
(C) Arunachal Pradesh (D) Rajasthan (Ans : A)

20. What is the maximum (sanctioned) strength of Supreme Court including the Chief Justice of India? 
(A) 14 (B) 18 (C) 31 (D) no limit (Ans : C)

21. What is the chemical name for baking soda ? 
(A) Potassium Nitrate (B) Sodium chloride 
(C) Sodium Bicarbonate (D) Potassium chloride (Ans : C)

22. Which of the following is not a browser? 
(A) Android (B) Firefox 
(C) Chrome (D) Safari (Ans : A)

23. Which metal is common to the alloys brass, bronze and gun-metal? 
(A) Zinc (B) Tin (C) Aluminium (D) Copper (Ans : D)

24. Silvassa is the capital of– 
(A) Oaman and Oiu (B) Oadra and Nagar Haveli 
(C) Lakshadweep (D) Andaman and Nicobar (Ans : B)

25. In which year did nationalization of banks start in India? 
(A) 1966 (B) 1969 (C) 1975 (D) 1980 (Ans : B)

Delhi Postman Mail Guard Exam General Knowledge Solved Paper (Exam Held on 21-12-2014)
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