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  • Ancient Baoli

    The Baoli (water tank with a well) locally known as 'Bhai Ki Baoli'. This three-...


    Ancient Bricks Temple

    The name Kalayat seems to be derived from Kapilayatana, meaning the 'home of sa...


    Ancient Site of Thehpolar

    The mound of Theh polar is said to mark the site of a village destroyed during ...


    Forts and Palaces of Bhais

    The Jat Sikh rulers of Kaithal princely state, popularly known as Bhais, constru...


    Hanumaan Mandir

    Historically, Kaithal was known as Kapisthal, meaning ‘Abode of Kapi’, from Lord...


    Nine kunds

    Kaithal had nine sacred water pools named after nine planets of the solar system...


    Palace at Pihowa

    The last chief of Kaithal, Bhai Udey Singh, built an imposing palace at Pihowa a...


    Tomb of Razia Sultan

    Razia Sultan, the daughter of Iltutmish, was the ruler of Slave dynasty. She was...


    Tomb of Sheikh Tayyab

    The words 'Sheikh' and Tayyab' stand for terms 'Fakir' (saint) and 'pure' sufi s...


    Topiyon Wala Gurudwara

    The place is equally interesting as its name. Topiyon Wala Gurudwara is in the m...


    Vidyakar Teerth (Vriddh Kedaar) and Anjani Teela

    Vidyakar Teerth is a place of religious importance. According to Vamana Purana, ...


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    April 15 - Historical Events - On This Day
    World Art Day - 15 April

    Recent Posts

    1. Tourist Place in Sukma, Chhatisgarh
    Tourist Place in Sukma, Chhatisgarh Dudma tourist spot Dudma Tourist Places is one of the most visited places near Sukma. It attracts tourism with its natural beauty and sights. Located around 28 KMs from District Head Quarter Sukma  Tungal Dam The citizens of the district have been dependent on entertainment or tourism in other districts or neighbouring places of tourist places. Government decided to develop this bandh as eco-tourism ce
    2. Tourist Places in Solapur, Maharashtra
    Tourist Places in Solapur, Maharashtra Barshi BHAGWANT MANDIR AT BARSHI Barshi is famous for the BHAGWANT MANDIR. Bhagwant temple is dedicated to Shri Vishnu. The uniqueness of this temple is that, this is the only one temple of Shri Vishnu all over India having Shri Vishnu
    3. Places of Tourist Interest in Munger, Bihar
    Places of Tourist Interest in Munger, Bihar CHANDI ASTHAAN Chandika Sthan is a temple situated in Munger, in the Indian States and territories of India” state of Bihar. It is one of the fifty one Shakti Peethas, places of worship consecrated to the goddess Shakti. On the Northeast corner of Munger, Chandika Sthan is just two kilometers away from the Munger town.
    4. Tourist Places in Chatra Jharkhand
    Bario Waterfall It is also another important beauty spot of Chatra situated on the North at the distance of 12 kms. of which 10 kms. can be covered by vehicle and the rest two kms. is a foot track. The road is Katcha. It looks nice to see the water fall from such a height. It appears as if the spring is dashing against the rocky walls fomenting white rays. One feels as if he is enjoying shower bath under the sun. Nights are lull with magical effect.
    5. Tourist Place in West Champaran, Bihar
    Tourist Place in West Champaran, Bihar VALMIKINAGAR: – Formally known as BHAINSA LOTAN, it is a famous tourist spot where a dam is built on the river Gandak (Gandak Project). This dam and its channels are the lifeline of north-western part of Bihar. This channel also irrigates some portions of eastern U.P. This dam is also generating hydro-electricity. This dam has been handed over to the nation by late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru the then Prime Minister. F
    6. Tourist Places in East Champaran, Bihar
    Tourist Places in East Champaran, Bihar Someshwar Shiv Mandir, Areraj Areraj is a holy city of North Bihar which is 28 Km. south West from Motihari linked with pucca road. The famous Someshwar Nath Mahadev Temple is age old which attracts lakhs of pilgrims from other districts as well as Nepal on the occasion of Shrawani Mela (During July-August). Areraj a village has developed up to town and now it is the Headquarter of Areraj Subdivision. Also at Areraj l
    7. Tourist Places in Jajpur, Odisha
    Tourist Places in Jajpur, Odisha Chandikhole chandi Temple Chandikhole is a town in Jajapur district, Odisha, India. The place has been named after Goddess Chandi worshipped by late monk Baba Bhairabananda Bramhachari who established the deity of Maa Chandi in one of the adjoining hills of Barunei full of dense forest and ferrocious animals in 1932.The accommodation facility can be availed at Chandikhol and Cuttack by hiring Hotels and Lodges. For financial purpos
    8. Tourist Places in Mahendragarh, Haryana
    Tourist Places in Mahendragarh, Haryana Sahukar Gumbad (Chor Gumbad) The historic monument built at a height in the northwestern direction of the city was built by an Afghan ruler named Jamal Khan as his own tombstone. Although it was built as a memorial, but because of being located outside the city, thieves began taking shelter at this place, which resulted in its name being chor dome in the long run. It is a large circular dome whose roof has been raised to a v
    9. Tourist Places in Washim, Maharashtra
    Tourist Places in Washim, Maharashtra Tourist Places Poharadevi Temple Poharadevi is one of the importan
    10. Tourist Places in Balrampur, Chhatisgarh
    Tourist Places in Balrampur, Chhatisgarh Tatapani Located about 12 kilometers from the district headquarters of Balrampur, Tatapani, which is famous all over the country for natural exhausting hot water. Heavy water flowed from the ground in the reservoirs and springs of water for twelve months. In the local language, heat is meant to heat. That is why this place has been named Tatapani. It is believed that Lord Rama hit the Paththar of Sitaji in the game play and
    11 Tourist Place
    12 Tourist Place
    13 Tourist Place
    14 Tourist Place
    15 Tourist Place
    16 Tourist Map of Vaishali, Bihar
    17 Tourist Place
    18 Tourist Place
    19 Tourist Map of Darbhanga, Bihar
    20 Visit #EkadashRudra in #madhubani is a an important religious tourist place in #bihar.
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