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Voice user interfaces helps the user to interact with a system via speech or voice commands. Virtual assistants including (Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, are examples of VUIs). The main benefit of a VUI is that it allows for a hands free technique in which users may interact with a product while focusing their attention elsewhere.

Using the similar Web design guidelines to VUIs as to graphical user interfaces is unworkable. In a VUI, there are no visual affordances; so, while looking at a VUI, users have no clear indications of what the interface might perform or what their options are.

In fact, the tools behind voice services such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa as well as Microsoft Cortana are growing smarter by the day. They may comprehend diverse utterances, variations in syntax as well as diverse accents as well as thanks to cloud computing they may access vast amounts of information in few seconds.

People don’t talk the way they type text

If we want to search a good mobile phone, we might type best mobile phone. In contrast, in speech with a friend, we might say something like, ‘Do you know any good mobile phone?’ or ‘What’s your favourite mobile phone?’

There’s a new pattern of commands growing, where the voice service assumes the persona of a useful assistant. We talk to them with natural speech, however not as we would to a friend.

User control

Voice interaction represents the greatest UX challenge for designers after the development of iPhone: designers require generating a new language for voice-enabled interfaces. At the same time, the fundamental principles of UI design that designers follow when generating products with GUI are still appropriate to VUI design. For example, the significance of user control which is a basic rule of ideal GUI design is also need for VUI design.

Here are a few helpful tips for designers who will want to apply this rule:

Generate a strong error-recovery strategy. Try to design for the scenario where the voice-enabled system doesn’t understand the user command or doesn’t have an answer to it. Offer visual or audio feedback on user interaction. VUI is rapidly becoming capable as well as robust.

Avoid long sentences

Human brain has a natural limitation while we hear the system response, most of us keep in mind only the last phrase. Thus, it’s better to keep away from extensive phrases or offering several diverse options while the user may remember just a one of them at single time.

Provide help as well as assistance

The help and assistance should be offered in the context, just at the time users require this information. Well-designed contextual instruction will help users navigate, search information as well as comprehend their existing location.

Things to consider when designing voice UI
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Published on Saturday June 6 2020
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