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  • In this Caribbean island you can enjoy many more attractions than the sea. Its varied gastronomic offer, the charm of Willemstad Street and different extreme sports are some of the things that can be done there.

    The charm of Curaçao resides both in its beaches and in its streets. This island, also called healing, in which the sickest slaves, brought from other lands during the Conquest, were abandoned, has become a striking tourist attraction for the region, not only for its proximity and historical value, but also for the variety of activities that can be done there.

    The 444 km island is the largest of the three Netherlands Antilles, of which Aruba and Bonaire are also part. With no more than 161,000 inhabitants, it warmly welcomes all visitors, since there Spanish, English, Dutch, Portuguese and French are spoken, as a consequence of the multiple conquests of the island, but mainly Papiamento, a simple language, a mixture of all the previous.

    Dushi is its most charming word and perhaps the one that best defines the island. Although it does not have a translation into English, it can be defined as everything good, beautiful and pleasant, so it is normal that it is what is most heard among its inhabitants. Dushi defines its art, which can be found in every street, but also every beach and attraction that you want to know.

    Curaçao is chameleonic, as it has the ability to offer both romantic, aquatic and sports plans, which together with its gastronomy and art make passing through the island more than pleasant. Here are some plans that can be enjoyed on this Caribbean island.

    You have to go to the beach

    With more than 40 beaches distributed throughout the island, Curaçao is a paradise to visit at any time of the year, since it is located in an area without storms. In addition to the calm of its beaches and crystal clear water, most of them offer a variety of activities that range from diving and visiting the aquarium, where the main attraction are dolphins and turtles, to water skiing and tours of the island. This last activity offers the opportunity to know a large part of the most arid area, caves and high cliffs, as well as the rockiest edge of the beaches and enjoy the view, in routes that can be up to four hours.

    Art is breathed in every corner

    Since you arrive on the island, the colors of its streets stand out. Between signs in Papiamento and English, it is traditional to find great works by beach artists. Black women painted by André are found hanging on the walls of different hotels and markets, while in the streets it is traditional to find chichis, sculptures of exuberant women with large breasts and hips, which is common among curaqueñas.

    But perhaps one of the most significant activities is the one carried out by Omar Sling. The Antillean artist, known for making art with recycled things, is the creator of Koko Yoko, which in Papiamento means cackle. In his workshop, the sculptor invites tourists to paint their own rooster with colored watercolors.

    In addition, the island is sonorous. Every year, in August, the Jazz Festival is held, in which not only artists of the genre come together, but also others of the moment.

    A drink to enjoy

    Liquors of Curaçao is one of the must-see places to visit. Most of the cocktails offered on the island are made from a traditional drink prepared with the peels of the laraha, a very bitter kind of orange that grows on the island and few dare to eat it. In addition to knowing the entire distillation process, in this small factory, where most of the process is manual, workshops are held to prepare cocktails. These not only include the factory's liquors, but also other traditional ones from Central America.

    Willemstad street

    Crossing the Queen Emma Bridge gives the possibility to see the ships and cruise ships that enter and leave the island, as well as enjoying the charm of Willemstad, the nearly 600 colored houses that since 1997 were declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

    There you can not only find the iconic colored houses that identify the island. There are also streets such as Punda Vibes, where you can enjoy a good cocktail and traditional island dances, and walk along the boardwalk, where there are renowned restaurants, as well as renowned brands, or, if the visit is as a couple, take the opportunity to confirm his love in the heart of padlocks, located by the sea.

    In short, the island can be enjoyed in a thousand ways, due to the attractiveness of its beaches and its culture, which is ultimately what has to be delighted.

    Things to do in Curaçao

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    1. Tips for renting a car in Curaçao
    Come to Curaçao for an amazing diving experience! Also visit the colorful buildings. For that, rent a car to complete your memorable experience. Be sure to check these reminders before getting into a car. Curaçao is an island where you drive to the right, as most European and Latin American countries. Remember that the island is part of the Netherlands but very close to South America, in the Caribbean Sea. The minimum age to drive is 18
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    In this Caribbean island you can enjoy many more attractions than the sea. Its varied gastronomic offer, the charm of Willemstad Street and different extreme sports are some of the things that can be done there. The charm of Curaçao resides both in its beaches and in its streets. This island, also called healing, in which the sickest slaves, brought from other lands during the Conquest, were
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