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The fact is that many kids, usually between 8 and 13 years old, especially those who have a rock and roll “crush”, pull on their dad's pants and say, “I want to learn how to play the guitar”.

That's when doubts start hammering in the heads of parents. "My God, what do I buy for my son?" The common question is whether you should buy a basic guitar to start with or if you should buy a good guitar right away?

There is no rule. In the end it depends 90% of your child's effort and ease of learning.

But in general, the ideal is for your child to start learning on a good nylon string guitar. It greatly facilitates learning. This is due to a number of factors, one of which is that a nylon string guitar is much softer and its strings don't hurt your fingers so much. And another important factor is the weight of the instrument.

It is always the same story. The beginner guitarist, child or not, buys or wins a guitar, enters the course and begins learning. Every guitar has steel strings, they plus the fingers and some cases even cut. When learning the first chords, the child can barely tighten the strings on the guitar neck. The days go by, and nothing gets better, because the child can't even make the first chords, it's hard, the sound is very muffled, and after 10 minutes of training the fingers are injured. Then comes the dropout.

The reason why there are so many guitars standing and leaning against the door most of the time is because the beginner musician, kid or not, had not learned to play the guitar before and doesn't have his fingers already hardened.

Now, if you think your child has no problem with this, that he is passionate about music, that he really wants a guitar and has a certain ease to it, do not hesitate and buy an electric guitar right away.

The guitar is one of the most used instruments, its sound, its structure and its versatility makes it a very popular instrument. If you are interested in playing the guitar, there are a few things to consider before you start this process.

What kind of guitar should you play? A classical or Spanish guitar may be the most suitable to start with. Regarding the instrument´s size, it must be in accordance with the kid´s height.

This way, for the smallest 4 and 5 years is recommended the smallest model of the guitar, the same as the ¼, to be more specific, if the average is between 95 y 1, 15 cm; for median heads of more than 1.15 m up to 1.35 m are recommended for ½ guitars, these can be for children between 5 and 7 years.

For those whose ages are 8, 9 and 10 years old, ¾ guitars will be the most appropriate, in the case that they are between 1.20 and 1.40 m.

Finally, for those who over these ages are this stature, the size of the guitar can be conventional 4/4.

Children's or adult instruments?

A childlike instrument for a 10 or 11 year-old can greatly hinder their learning. Not to mention that soon she will want a better instrument. Also, the child gets used to the guitar, and when it comes to moving to the full-size instrument, ends up feeling a lot of difference and having a little difficulty adapting to the new instrument.

A solution for these would be Loog Guitars, which are 3 string guitars that are easy and fun to learn and make the transition to a larger guitar very easy. It has a free app which makes the learning process easier and enjoyable for kids of all ages (and adults too!).

Another suitable option would be the Simba Guitar Player 106837110. With the structure of an electric guitar of any kind, this is a plastic version accompanied by metal strings. It is made especially for children between 4 and 8 years old, with a size of 56 cm wide X 21.3 cm deep 5 cm deep, with a weight of 9 kg. It is a product available in a variety of colors, so it can be purchased for both girls and boys.

Last but not least, the Ts-ideen 52071 Small Classical Guitar for Kids is one of the best guitars for kids Now. It is a guitar version for kids that really fits the demands of a guitar suited to the beginning of the smallest in the world of music, this is a small classical guitar. The exact dimensions of this product are 87 cm in total, its resonance box is 37 cm high X 25 cm hip, but is 55 cm high; The distance between the frets is 3.6 cm and each nickel frets.

Should I Buy a Guitar For Kids?
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