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The word “health” originates from the root word “whole.” If one has to experience a sense of wholeness, it is important that besides the body and mind, one’s energy also functions at a certain level of intensity. If your energy is in proper balance and full flow, you will be in perfect health physically and psychologically.

The focus of modern medicine has been the body’s chemistry. For every problem in your body, you ingest a medicine – which is a chemical – to arrive at some balance. This chemical may address a particular health issue, but it also has a side-effect. For the side-effect, there is an antidote. For the antidote, there is another antidote. This becomes an endless chain.

Yoga however, addresses health in a very fundamental way. Whatever is happening with your body chemistry is controlled by the way your energies function. A proper yogic practice is about going to the foundations of your energy system to activate and establish it in such a way that your body and mind naturally function at their full potential.

One important point is to distinguish between infectious and chronic diseases. Infections are an external invasion. You must go to the doctor. Don’t meditate on it! But 70% of ailments on the planet are chronic – they manifest from within. The root cause for these is always within. If people are willing to do a few simple practices to balance and activate their system, they can definitely be free of chronic ailments.

If you look at your body, you were not born the way you are right now. You started as just two cells in your mother’s womb, then you came out as a baby and now your body is fully grown. How did all this happen? No one stretched your body from the outside! That which is the basis of creation, that which you refer to as the creator is functioning from within you. The manufacturer of the body is within.


If you have a repair job to be done, would you like to go to the manufacturer or the local mechanic? If you have lost the manufacturer’s ID, you go to the local mechanic. Yoga is an exploration of the inner terrain and to find the source of our making. When you know the manufacturer and have access to him, you would definitely go to the manufacturer. Yoga means going back to the manufacturer. If you allow the source of creation to function, whatever needs to be fixed will happen effortlessly.

Yoga and Health
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Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope visits Covid Care Center in Navi Mumbai
Published on Thursday June 11 2020
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