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First aid kit list – Content and essentials for schools, colleges, homes and offices or for international travel or backpacking. Remember, the contents of the kit at workplace and leisure center must conform to the legal requirements


All about first aid kit list and more !


The contents necessary for first aid are kept together in a first aid kit or some other suitable container. These kits should be kept in the work place, in home, sports and leisure facilities and vehicles and must contain essentials for immediate treatment.


The contents of the kit at workplace and leisure center must conform to the legal requirements. You may add things to your kit at home depending on your requirements.


The kit should be clearly marked and easily accessible. It should be kept in a cool and dry place. It should be checked and replenished regularly, so that all required items are always ready to use.


first aid kit list

English: Antique first aid kit. Rexalt brand.


Contents of a first aid kit are shown in the following table. These may vary according to the duties performed, rules of the organization and special needs for the occasion.


First aid kit list of contents


Commercially available first aid kits available via normal retail routes have traditionally been intended for treatment of minor injuries only. Typical contents include adhesive bandages, regular strength pain medication, gauze and low grade disinfectant.


Specialized first aid kits are available for various regions, vehicles or activities, which may focus on specific risks or concerns related to the activity. For example, first aid kits sold through marine supply stores for use in watercraft may contain seasickness remedies.








Tongue spatula


Blood pressure instrument


Gloves, rubber


Writing pad and pen


Essentials for treatment purposes


Bandages, assorted sizes


Gauze pads, sterile


Sticking plaster roll


Cotton wool packet


Swab sticks


Eye pads


Safety pins


Eye pads


Light plywood splints


Screw capped bottles, wide mouthed


first aid kit list


Urethral catheter


Gastric lavage tube


Intravenous drip set


Hypodermic syringe, 2 ml and 5 ml


Injection needles No. 22, 24


File for cutting ampoules




Pocket knife


Scissors, blunt and sharp tipped


Artery forceps


Toothed forceps


Dextrose 5% solution for intravenous use


Oral rehydration therapy pack


Tetanus toxoid ampoule


Adrenalin injection 1 : 1000 ampoule


Atropine injection ampoule


Antihistaminic tablets packet


Antispasmodic tablets packet


Paracetamol tablets packet


Antiasthma tablets packet


Antacid tablet packet


first aid kit list


Medications for external use                  


Methylated spirit bottle


Tincture of iodine bottle


Tincture of benzoin bottle


Lignocaine 2% tube


Eye drops bottle


Poimt to remember:


There is a wide variation in the contents of first aid kits based on the knowledge and experience of those putting it together, the differing first aid requirements of the area where it may be used and variations in legislation or regulation in a given area.


First aid kits can be assembled in almost any type of container, and this will depend on whether they are commercially produced or assembled by an individual. Standard kits often come in durable plastic boxes, fabric pouches or in wall mounted cabinets.


The type of container will vary depending on purpose, and they range in size from wallet sized through to large rucksacks.

All about first aid kit list and more !
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