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Posted By AmitHealth 🗓 Monday November 18 2019 👁 223

Proteins as they correctly say are the building blocks of human body. Eating adequate amounts of protein helps human body to maintain muscle mass and promotes muscle growth. But that's not all. Proteins serve many other functions in human body and its deficiency can lead to health endangering conditions.

Listed below are a few important functions of proteins in human body.

The structure of human body mainly depends upon protein hence making protein important for body posture and structure and also muscle strength and health.

Proteins from enzymes in human body which is important to catalyze human body reactions and release of energy and body growth. Thus proteins form key ingredients to keep the human body functioning.

Body processes are also influenced by hormones which are mainly proteins and are important to regulate the activity of cells and organs

Protein are important to transport material throughout the human body. For example, hemoglobin, which is iron combined with protein is essential to transport oxygen throughout the body.

Proteins are a large part of human immune system and work in forms of immunoglobulin which are the body's 1st line of defense. 

Proteins is the most filling of the macronutrients and hence reduce hunger pangs helping to create a healthy calorie deficit. Proteins also help boost the metabolism of human body.

Thus eating adequate amounts of protein is very necessary to maintain a healthy human body functioning.

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