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  • Millennials have this weird notion of sabotaging self over societal expectations and peer pressure in every step taken – and when it comes to choosing careers, the tale is no different; we generally have our sight set  on pursuing a particular job segment from an early age – some aspires to help the world, some aims to change it – but what happens the moment we turn our dreams into reality? The world should better not be seen through a rose-colored spectacle – one must not forget that roses have thorns, after all. So here we are today, discussing some of the most popular professions available around every corner of the world as we delve deep into how they look like from the surface – and what they are.

    Choosing the right career

    Shaping the mind of future generations can be pretty stressful, given that they are born smart nowadays. You can't heave a sigh of relief after getting back home like others! This role doesn't confine itself under any time or space - grading papers, making questionnaires, revising chapters for the next day along with scouring over curriculum are some of the many parts to this job. You might feel like dying after meeting some of the profusely questioning parents on PTA meetings; but remember, their teachers didn't make the difference which would've just required a little bit of patience! You have to teach yourself alongside others to keep opinions and biases aside. One of your more mischievous pupils might've caused a serious accident (superglue on a chair or putty in hair, anyone?) but that doesn't mean you will be having the right to treat or teach them any worse than you do the others.

    Living through a continuous loop of hellholes - burnt flesh, dead people, burnt homes and other structures with no option of being worried or scared for a moment because you'll be doing a literal job of superheroes as you rescue others before rescuing yourself – there are many instances of firefighters being killed in a fire they saved people from, but they died with a certain pride. Also, the chance of developing severe health problems like lung or skin cancer due to continuous exposure to heavy smoke and flames is not that uncommon.

    Don't forget to wear a cape to sleep – you'll be required to always be on your toes as this is one heck of a last-minute job!

    Mental Health Counsellor
    Steadfast calmness amidst hellish chaos is more than a necessity in this profession. Between dealing with irregular working hours and facing patients with unpredictable behaviors on a day to day basis, you'll be required to address emotional and mental disorders of people irrespective of what you might be dealing with on the personal front.

    Take a bat in your bag for the visits – you'll need it to dodge off all the verbal/physical abuses that'll be welcoming you on a less fortunate day!

    Thrill, adventure and excitement runs in your blood – but you did not sign up for covering stories of secret drug deals or gathering proof of an ongoing criminal activity while being held at a gunpoint, maybe? Get remunerations based on a decade-old value of money while you invest your blood and sweat into creating a headline that'll be remembered by the future generations as a masterpiece. Your job as a journalist is to make people see what's unseen, listen to what's unheard – finding a voice for those who don't have the power to speak money. This highly competitive field will depress you at your worst - as you spend days and even months on a story, just for it to be discarded for not being "spicy" enough!

    At least you'll have the chance of going through innumerable trials and errors – that is, if you don't get killed on your way.

    Telephone Operator
    Have you ever thought about how it might feel like to be a Rhinoceros? You're welcome, now roll up the sleeves of your thick skin and get to hitting the target number of calls as you travel through the rainbow land of mood swings - calm down verbally abusive customers, revel at the feeling of being talked to politely once in a while, get utterly confused as you try solving a problem that cannot really exist!

    It can be worse; you could've been on the other side, making somebody feel the same way (on behalf of your employer of course!) – at least you will not be the reason behind someone's overdose of anti-depressants.

    Life might not seem as fun as it was supposed to, but that shouldn't stop you from making the most out of it. If you ever feel like getting bored of your reality – remember, you can always find ways to spice it up with a twist! Whether you are a student, a working professional or just staying at home, measuring up your future based on previous hindsight – there is always an option to turn the tables around as life, no matter how confining it might seem – is truly limitless. Seek out the help of friends and family whom you think knows you better than you know yourself, visit your grandparents and gather from their experiences, and if everything else seems to leave you more baffled than ever – choose one of the more practical solutions by taking a Career Aptitude Test free of cost. A psychometric tool designed to measure your mind to its true depth, CAT can assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you work your way around to use both of them at your leverage.

    So, what are you waiting for? It's all in your hand – just have your cake and eat it too! Here's to wishing you a successful job-hunting – go ahead, rock the world.

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