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From which of the following Constituencies, was Smt. Sonia Gandhi elected?

(A) Amroha

(B) Rae bareilly

(C) Phulpur

(D) Amethi

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1. By which of the following names is the religious place Varanasi not known in Uttar Pradesh? (A) Banaras (B) Kashi (C) Vishwanathpuri (D) Suryanagar
2. At which of the following rivers has Sharda Canal (Under whom Pilibhit, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Lakhimpur, Hardoi, Sitapur, Barabanki, Lucknow, Unnao, Raebareilly, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh, Allahabad area are irrigated) been constructed? (A) Sharda River (B) Gomati River (C) Rihand River (D) Son River
3. In which of the following places is the oil refinery in the State situated? (A) Mirzapur (B) Mathura (C) Varanasi (D) Agra
4. Which is the longest canal of Uttar Pradesh? (A) Agra Canal (B) Sharda Canal (C) Upper Ganga Canal (D) Lower Ganga Canal
5. In which place of Uttar Pradesh is the production of Keshar done in Uttar Pradesh? (A) Tarai belt (B) Hilly area (C) Plain area (D) Plateau area
6. Magh-Khichari, Gurria, Bajhar, Holi festival are celebrated by which of the following tribes in Uttar Pradesh? (A) Tharu (B) Bhotia (C) Jaunsari (D) Raji
7. A significant advance has been made by an international team of solar physicists recently. The group has measured the global magnetic field of the sun’s corona, or outer atmosphere, for the very first time. Which of the following statements regarding the findings stands true ? 1) Though the core of the Sun is at a temperature of about 15 million degrees, its outer layer, the photosphere is a mere 5700 degrees hot. 2) The team used a technique known as coronal seismology or magnetoseismology to measure the coronal magnetic field which has been known for a few decades. 3) This method requires the measurement of the properties of magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves and the density of the corona simultaneously. Options : a) 1 & 2 only b) 2 & 3 only c) 1 & 3 only d) all the above
8. With which of the following country's collaboration will 'Tehri Dam Project' be completed in the State? (A) Germany (B) Britain (C) Italy (D) Soviet Russia
9. In which of the following districts is the 'Mango' cultivation not done in the State? (A) Varanasi (B) Lucknow (C) Mirzapur (D) Agra
10. In which of the following places is the Civil Aviation Training Centre situated in the State ? (A) Allahabad (B) Lucknow (C) Varanasi (D) Amethi
11. Which of the following cities was the place of reinstallation of Hindu religion by Shankracharya ? (A) Badrinath (B) Ayodhya (C) Prayag (D) Varanasi
12. In which of the following cities in the state is sulehkul festival, the symbol of Hindu Muslim unity organised? (A) Meerut (B) Aligarh (C) Lucknow (D) Agra
13. To which of the following parties did the famous freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad belong? (A) Indian Socialist Republican Force (B) Azad Hind Force (C) Forward Block (D) Indian National Congress
14. In which of the following years did the present name of Uttar Pradesh come into existence? (A) 1947 (B) 1950 (C) 1956 (D) 1935
15. In which of the following years was NOIDA set up? (A) 1970 (B) 1980 (C) 1972 (D) 1976
16. From which of the following Constituencies, was Smt. Sonia Gandhi elected? (A) Amroha (B) Rae bareilly (C) Phulpur (D) Amethi
17. With respect to the office of CAG which of the following statements stands true ? 1) CAG, over the years, has functioned as a routine auditor and has failed to proactively expand its role to meet the emerging challenges. 2) Though CAG reports are discussed by the public accounts committees of the respective legislatures, no one evaluates or questions what the CAG does. 3) The CAG is appointed by the prime minister on the advice of his council of ministers. Options : a) 1 & 2 only b) 2 & 3 only c) 1 & 3 only d) all the above
18. In which district of Uttar Pradesh has solar energy plant been started? (A) Agra (B) Aligarh (C) Mathura (D) Etah
19. Which one of the following parties played a major role in support of Uttaranchal in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh? (A) Uttarakhand Mukti Morcha (B) Uttarakhand Raksha Manch (C) Him Sena (D) All the above
20. By which districts tribe is the 'Shera Dance' done in Uttar Pradesh? (A) Gorakhpur (B) Lalitpur (C) Allahabad (D) Varanasi
21. In which city of the State is Pura Banaspati Birbal Sahani Institute situated? (A) Saharanpur (B) Kanpur (C) Lucknow (D) Jhansi
22. Which of the following tribes is known as Banrote in Uttar Pradesh? (A) Raji (B) Buxa (C) Tharu (D) Jaunsari
23. For which of the following is the cultivation of Tobacco done? (A) For eating and smoking (B) For cigarettes manufacturing (C) For export (D) For molasses
24. Tell which is the correct pair in following: (A) Tharu-Mirjapur (B) Mahigir-Bijnor (C) Jaunsari-Mathura (D) Kharwar-Agra
25. In which of the following districts is Narora Nuclear Energy Plant established? (A) Agra (B) Allahabad (C) Mirzapur (D) Bulandshahar

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