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Online Practice Test for IBPS Clerk Exam - Test 4

Posted By educratsweb.comBank Clerk 🗓 2018-01-01 👁 4417
Test Duration :30 Minutes
Negative Marking: 0 % deducted for wrong answer

This test consists of question from English - 20 MCQ ; Mathematics - 10 MCQ ; Reasoning - 20 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set

345.76 - 195.18 + 121.79= ? + 212.65
A. 62.78
B. 59.72
C. 56.87
D. 65.75

Which of the phrases (A),(B),( C ) and (D) gives below each sentence should replace the phrases printed in underline in the following sentences to make the sentence is correct as it is and "No correction is required", mark (E) as the answer.
Your bonus will dependent the quality of your work.
A. is dependable
B. depends on
C. being dependent
D. going to depend

Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group ?
A. Tiger
B. Wolf
C. Cat
D. Fish

Who amongst the following are immediate neighbours of G ?

If all the number 8475693 are rearranged in ascending order from left to right, the position of how many digits will remain the same ?
A. Two
B. One
C. Three
D. None

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