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Online Practice Set Question for SBI PO, PO IBPS examination Practice Set 3

Posted By educratsweb.comBank PO 🗓 2018-01-01 👁 2531
Test Duration :30 Minutes
Negative Marking: 0 % deducted for wrong answer

This test consists of question from English - 57 MCQ ; Mathematics - 35 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set

In a college, five different subjects, viz Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Mathematics are taught on five different days of the same week , starting from Monday and ending on Friday. Is Chemistry taught on Wednesday ?
(I) Two subject are taught between Zoology and Nathematics. Mathematics is taught before Zoology. Chemistry is taught on the day immediately next to the day whin Physics is taught. Botany is not taught on Friday.
(II) There lectures are schefuled between the lectures of Botany and Zoology. Mathematics is taught immediately before Physics.
A. b
B. d
C. c
D. e

If each alphabet of the word "PRESENTATION" is arranged in alphabetical order frem left to right and then each vowel of the word thus formed is changed to the nixt letter in the English alphabetical series and each consonant is changed to the previous letter in the English alphabetical series. Which of the following will be fourth forn the lift ?
A. S
B. R
C. Q
D. J

The scorching heat has force city residents to retreat indoor
A. Have forcing
B. Has forced
C. Had forcing
D. Have forces

In the following passage there are blanks each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed bilow the passage and against each five words have been suggested , one of which fits the blanks appropriately . Find out the appropriate woud in each case.
Architecture is the a art of designing and science of designing and (141) buildings. Architecture (142) life at an insividual level. A sensitively designed house is an important (143) of a good life and in fact is the good life (144) . Architects have a (145) responsibility addressing the client who is the (146) concern as will as the society which reposes (147) in us that we work in its (148) interest. The architectural scale of projrcts (149) from resiential to office buildings, public buildings such as libreries, museums, temples and schools to (150).
A. Manufacturing
B. formulating
C. organizing
D. constructing

Twelve people are sitting in two parallel rows containing six people each such that they are equidistant from each other in row (I): Z,X,Y,W,V and U are seated and all of them are facing East in row (II): L,M,N,O,P and Q are seated and all of them are facing west. Therefore in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row W sits third to the right of X. Either W or F sits at an extreme end of the line. The one who faces F sits second to the right of E. Two people sit between M and Q. Neither M nor Q sits at an ectreme end of the line. The immediate neighbour of M faces the person who sits Study the following information carefully to answer they given question :
third to the left of Z. Y and V are immediate neighbours N sits second to the left of L. V does not face the immediate neighbour of O.
Who amongst the following sit at the extreme ends of the rows ?

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