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This test consists of question from General Awarness - 45 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set

GDP at factor cost is :
A. GDP minus indirect taxes plus subsidies
B. GNP minus depreciation allowances
C. NNP plus depreciation allowances
D. GDP minus subsidies plus indirect taxes

It will be true to classify India as :
A. A food-deficit economy
B. A labour-surplus economy
C. A teade-surplus economy
D. A capital-surplus economy

What is the element present in urea -
A. C , H , O
B. C , N , H
C. C , N , O
D. C , O , N , H

Which of the following is an element ?
A. alumina
B. brase
C. silicon
D. graphite

Oxygen and ozone are -
A. allotropes
B. isomers
C. isotopes
D. isobars

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