Practice Set for General Awarness - I for Bank PO, SSC, Railway and Other Exam

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Test Duration :30 Minutes
Negative Marking: 0 % deducted for wrong answer

This test consists of question from General Awarness - 40 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set

Who co-founded Hotmail in 1996 and then sold the company to Microsoft?
A. Shawn Fanning
B. Ada Byron Lovelace
C. Sabeer Bhatia
D. Ray Tomlinson

Arjuna Awards are given for
A. Outstanding contribution to sports
B. Exception display of gallantry
C. distinguishing service in the field of social service
D. distinguished service in cause if community developement

Essay on the Principles of population was written by
A. Adam Smith
B. Malthus
C. herbert Spencer
D. hebert A. Simon

Hydroponics is
A. Soil presentation techniques
B. instrument for measuring density of liquids
C. cultivating plant without using soils
D. soil development techniques

Aurobindo Ghosh has written
A. Life Divine
B. Divine Life
C. Divine Comedy
D. None of these

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