Practice Set for General Awarness - I for Bank PO, SSC, Railway and Other Exam

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Test Duration :30 Minutes
Negative Marking: 0 % deducted for wrong answer

This test consists of question from General Awarness - 40 MCQ ;

Random Questions from this Practice Set

Depreciation means
A. closure of a plant due to lock out
B. closure of a plant due to labour trouble
C. loss of equipment over time due to wear and tear
D. destruction of a plant in a fire accident

'OS' computer abbreviation usually means ?
A. Order of Significance
B. Open Software
C. Operating System
D. Optical Sensor

Cause of inflation is
A. increase in money supply
B. fall in production
C. increase in money supply and fall in production
D. decrease in money supply and fall in production

Professor Amartya Sen is famous in which of the fields?
A. Biochemistry
B. Electronics
C. Economics
D. Geology

Indian Civil Services was introduced during the rule of
A. Lord Dalgousie
B. Lord Curzon
C. William Bentinck
D. Lord Cornwallis

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