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34. Some more parenting tips
34. Some more parenting tips Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 Oh Wow! So we are parents now. Can we believe it?..... Karen and Joshua were on top of the world. Karen had become mother of a cute baby girl, Tina. She had been preparing for motherhood for quite some time. They had read a lot of books and surfed the internet for the tips so as to become the most ideal parents. Let’s share some of the knowledge that they gained. Parenthood is a boon given to all the living beings for carrying on the process of generation ahead. It is a wonderful feeling of creation that only the parents can understand. However, once you become a parent it is not for just one day but the entire life. It is full of responsibilities and sacrifices, too. A few important responsibilities for the parents towards their children are: vProper Nurturing vTaking Good Healthcare vReal Education vInstilling Positive Values   Let’s examine them one by one! Proper nurturing The first and the foremost thing to do is to keep your expectations under check. Parenting is a gradual process of learning, too. It all begins with love, care and warmth for your child. These are natural feelings given by the nature to the parents. Don’t be miser in showing them. A hug or a cuddle is all it takes to show these to your child. Interact with them in a real sense. Talking to them, while watching television or with your work brought home from the office or during WFH, so common these days, is just an eye-wash and done just for the false satisfaction. Your children long for your response to their stories. Listen to them and respond with full attention. Keep positivity alive and be their friend, mentor and confidant. Remember, your children will remain children for you during their entire life. In case of improper nurturing, such as in disturbed families, the children see the quarreling; shortages; absence of one of the parents due to death, divorce or sickness; or other similar problems, the children do not attain natural physical and mental growth. Either, they become too much meek and coward or, gain aggressive demeanor. If we pick up family background of the criminals, most of them come from disturbed homes or pick up bad company, which again is the sign of improper nurturing. Taking good healthcare Our health issues have grabbed the eye-balls during the Corona pandemic. Remember, children and old people are more susceptible to it. However, besides this, regular healthcare of the children should never be ignored. Don’t overlook slightest symptoms. Of course, you don’t need to be paranoid about it but one should be vigilant. It begins with vaccinations. In their early age, visit to a good pediatrician is very helpful. Monitoring of their growth, both physical as well as mental, should be your prime concern. According to the latest report published by the Government of India as up to 2018, 30 children out of every 1000 do not survive in our country. It is because of improper healthcare facilities. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to get proper healthcare for your children, don’t ignore. The children are delicate creatures and need good healthcare. Improper healthcare may result in stunted growth, health complications, disturbed academics, behavioral problems, mental delinquencies and even problems in the social adjustment. Irregular healthcare, ignorance of health issues such as eye-related, dental problems, stomach-aches, headaches or any other physical/ mental agony, may be damaging in the later stage of life. Real Education Education holds prime importance in our lives. It is the duty of the parents to arrange for proper education of their children. Starting from basic education, middle school, senior school, college, up to professional or vocational education should be monitored thoroughly. As per Government statistics, nearly 85% of urban and 69% of rural population is literate but cross your hearts to tell, if literacy means education in its true sense? It is very urgent that the children do not do only rote learning but it should be applied in nature too. Our new NEP-2020 is a right step in this direction. Please refer to my article “NEP-2020-What does it mean” on this space or on my blog Education 2020 (link: Proper education should necessarily be holistic in nature. The child must come out of the portals of the institution as the one blessed with the best of attributes like compassion, care, discipline, punctuality, synchronization with others, honesty, communication, social skills etc. besides the brilliance in the academics. Lack of this real education, may result into the person going for criminal activities, in order to get some short-term gains. An example can be taken from the life of Osama Bin Laden. He was highly educated but it was used in the wrong direction and the result was 9/11 disaster that changed the world suddenly into drastically. Instilling Positive Values Our values hold a very important place in the life. Believe me, it all begins at home. A well-endowed, culturally-rich family reinforces the life of the children with positive value system. Such a child is never a failure and comes out strongly out of the challenging situations, unscathed. If the parents do not instill good values, the children are bound to pick up the negative ones. It is very easy to get into the bad company and take up wrong attributes. Therefore, cautiousness about the children’s company is a must. Takeaways These tips are only few in numbers. Attributes such as Compassion, Courage, Humor, Thoughtfulness, Presence of Mind, Wit, Wisdom, Simplicity, Practical Approach, Helpfulness etc. play very important role in the children’s life. Although, it is too early for Karen and Joshua to implement but they are vigilant parents and Tina is really lucky to have them as her parents. #Parenting #ParentingAdvise #ParentingTips #ParenthoodThe author R C Verma has shared some of his personal experience in the form of this article. Please post your critical views in the comment box here. This is also available for reading on in the education section.  
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33.a. Doesn't email mean easy mail?
33.a. Doesn

 Laura was sobbing bitterly. Just now, she had been scolded by her boss. She had, carelessly, sent Robert Brown’s mail to John Schneider, another competitor. By the time, she noticed it, the damage had been done. How can we avoid such blunders? Just read on.Once upon a time, the letters were hand-delivered by the postman. Depending upon the distance and connectivity, they used to take days, weeks and even months to reach the destination. They were replaced by electronic mail called e-mails because the emails took just a few seconds to reach their destination, even if thousands of miles away. So, where is the problem? Like in the example given above, we may commit mistakes resulting in havocs, at times, in this communication. We forget that poorly drafted/ sent email can spoil the impression of the sender just because of a few missed/ wrong/ wrongly placed/ misspelt words. Famous author Trevor Carss has said this about e-mails, “If it doesn't feel right to receive what you're sending, don't send it.” That is true. Make it a golden rule. Always weigh your written words.Points to take care: Just keep these points in mind while crafting and sending your e-mail. Every e-mail is divided into three parts-·       Address·       Subject·       TextAddress- Be very clear about even a single dot, hyphen, space, capital/small letters creeping in or missing, while writing the e-mail address. The address should be accurate. I faced the heat because of overlooking such a small mistake because of which my urgent e-mail returned undelivered. cc: If the same mail has to be sent to many people, separate their names by commas. bcc: Sometimes, we have to send mails to many people but we don’t want addressee “A” to know that it is also being sent to the addressee “B”. In such a case, we have to click on bcc at the end of the address bar. The next address line opens up in which the correct e-mail address of “B” is to be written.   Subject- Subject line is, probably, more important than the text area. The person reads the text only after reading the subject line. It is like reading the headlines in the newspapers before going into the details of the news item. The subject must convey sufficient hint of the text. It should not be too short. Subject like Bills cannot suffice. It will be easily understood, if the person writes “Payment of bill no. 123 dated 02.03.2020”. Even if the person is too busy to read the text, he or she can forward it to the correct person just after reading the subject.Text: Be precise and to the point. Don’t go into the unnecessary details. The text should be relevant and connect to one particular subject. Send different mails for separate matters. Avoid mixing the issues. Just like letters, every e-mail is either formal or informal and the text needs to be structured accordingly. However, barring the choice of formal or informal words of greetings and manner of writing, basics remain the same. Formal Text: Let’s talk about the formal e-mail texts first. The text can be split into the following areas-Greeting: In the formal text, the salutation has to be either “Dear Mr.____” or “Dear Ms.____” or “Dear Sir/ Madam”. It can be followed by “Greetings of the day” or “Good Morning” “Good Day” or “Good Evening”. Thanks: If the e-mail is in response to our mail or telephonic conversation or personal meeting, then he/ she should be thanked accordingly for showing the promptness or courtesy or nice favourable response or warmth.  This step can be left in case of an introductory mail.Purpose: One should come to the purpose in a straightforward manner without much ado. If it is the first communication, proper reference must be given. If it is regarding employment or some business purpose, a reference to the source of information is required. It can be “I am writing in reference to….” If it is through some commonly known person, his or her name should be mentioned. After that, the purpose should be stated in small and easy sentences.Closing: Just before ending the mail, the addressee should be thanked for his or her patient reading or cooperation. A formal sentence like “I look forward to hearing from you” is always welcome. In the end, phrases like “Best regards” or “Warm regards” or “Sincerely” should be used before the sender’s name.Informal Text: As mentioned before, the only difference is in the words used for greeting and salutation. You can be more informal in the choice of words, such as “Hi____, how do you do?” The endings can have the words like “Cheers” or “Enjoy your day” or “Bye for now”.TakeawaysE-mail can become easy mail if we adhere to its golden rules. We must differentiate between the formal and informal mails. While writing the email, we must question ourselves, “Is it good enough to be sent?” Then and only then, we will value others’ time and write the perfect ones. In the next part, get 8 useful tips.  #PerfectEMails #WritingPerfectEMails #WritingPerfectEMailsForAllOccasionsThe author hopes the article to benefit all the readers. What do you think about it? Please post your comments in the comments box on the blog. You can also mail me:    
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33.b. Only 8 tips for that perfect email
33.b. Only 8 tips for that perfect email Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

This is second article of the 2-articles series on emails. Please also read first article, “33.a. Doesn’t email mean easy mail?” on this space. Everybody thinks that writing email is very simple. Millions of emails are being sent daily but still, if we adhere to the following 8 tips, our emails will shine out. 1.     Nobody has time: That’s a blatant fact. Nobody has time to read your long story. They would like to finish it in a jiffy because their inbox is full. They are out to delete mails that are too long/ cumbersome/ distracting/ taking their precious time. Use simple, short sentences to express your point precisely. 2.     Use subject line wisely: Your subject should say it all. The reader would appreciate if he or she understands it just by reading the subject line. It may be in your good interest as well as it may be forwarded to the right person immediately. 3.     Be polite: No, no, I am not asking you always to be formal (Dear Sir/ Madam) but you can be polite in your language. It will show your class and not offend the addressee. Rude language may force your mail to be sent in spam or deleted. 4.     Read before you press the SEND button; Don’t hurry up for pressing this button. Always give a careful reading after finishing the mail. After all, we are human beings, prone to making mistakes of typos, punctuation, syntax, usage of wrong words/ phrases. There is no point in repenting once it is sent to create a mess. 5.     Keep to the given subject: Nobody is interested in reading to the additions like “I also take this opportunity to draw your attention to another point i.e._____” If need be, send another e-mail for that. 6.     What are the bullet points for? If your text is getting longer and you can’t help it, you can at least it in different sentences each marked with a bullet point. It will look neat and readable. 7.     Use good space: It does not cost anything if you give a proper space in between the sentences. Good readability will support your cause. 8.     Be clear and expressive: The addressee should be able to immediately decide after reading the e-mail about his or her action to be taken. It will happen only when you are clearly giving the message. Takeaways E-mail is a very important way of communication. It should do only that and not miscommunicate or confuse the reader. It should be sent on the need-to-send basis i.e. it should be sent only when required. The language should be clear and precise, taking full care of the other person’s precious time. The author has given all possible information on the subject and would recommend   #PerfectEMail #WritingPerfectEMail #HowToWritePerfectEMail #TipsToWritePerfectEMailThe author hopes the article to benefit all the readers. What do you think about it? Please post your comments in the comments box on the blog. You can also mail me: 
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32. A very Happy Teachers’ Day
32. A very Happy Teachers’ Day Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 Who is a teacher?The Bible of Internet search-Wikipedia ( describes Teacher or, an educator as a person who give the following to  his or her students:KnowledgeCompetenceVirtuesTeachers’ Day- Teachers’ Day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of the luminary scholar; teacher and philosopher par excellence; and a widely regarded statesman, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. A brief life-sketch of Dr. Sarvepalli RadhakrishnanEarly years-Born on 5th September, 1888 in Tiruttani, Chittoor of Today’s Tamil Nadu, he was a brilliant scholar. He completed his High School from Voorhees College, Vellore; graduated and did Masters from the esteemed Madras Christian College just at 17 years of age. Academic Journey-Indian Philosophy especially, Srimad Bhagavad Gita and Vedant, was deeply-rooted in him. He went on to write theses, articles, books and treatises on the subject, which are cherished by the academics all over the globe. His distinguished career covered-Teacher of Philosophy at the famous Madras Presidency College. Professor in the renowned University of Mysore, University of Calcutta and also at the Manchester College.Vice-Chancellor of Andhra University Professor at the prestigious University of Oxford Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University till 1948.Political Milestones-It was the time of great political turmoil for India. Dr. Radhakrishnan was not unaffected. However, his political journey was a result of his brilliant academic career and brilliant work on Hindu culture. He traversed the following route-1946-52-Represented India in UNESCO1949-52- Ambassador of India to the then Soviet Union1952-1962- Vice President of India1962-67- President of India Celebrating his birthday as the Teachers’ Day is a great honour to this illustrated son of India.Role of TeachersDr. Radhakrishnan believed that the “Teachers should be the best minds in the country.” It is an apt statement also because primarily, it is the teacher who sculpts a raw boy or girl into a doctor, engineer, chartered accountant, management professional, architect, designer, administrator, civil servant or any other professional worth its name. For a child, the mother's lap is the first school. As he starts going to the school, the teacher takes over the dual role of a mother and an educator. These days, the teachers are required to take professional degrees in education (B.Ed.) for their appointment in all the good schools. Teacher’s role becomes very important to impart holistic education. These norms are enumerated in the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) announced by the Government of India. Please read the author's article “27. NEP 2020-What does it really mean?” on his blog: Education 2020 (lInk:, the teacher’s role becomes multifarious. He or she has to prepare the student in:Academics (Various subjects)SportsGroup Discussions and DebateCo-curricular activitiesSkill-setsEthicsBesides, the teacher also has to go beyond the formal duties to act as a friend, philosopher, guide and counsellor for the student. A reference may be made to the author’s article “18. 15 basic qualities to make you a star primary teacher” on his blog: Education 2020 (lInk: (After pressing this link, you will reach on the blog. There you need to write the title “18. 15 basic qualities to make you a star primary teacher” in the search box to open it for reading it).Following qualities are expected in a good teacher-Professional qualificationsSubject knowledgeEnthusiasmInteraction with the studentsWell-versed with the pedagogyPatienceDisciplineCommunicationFriendly personaEthical behavior Takeaways Teachers’ day is an occasion to remember the important role of the teachers in the life of a normal human being. Teacher becomes the medium for imparting education and culture in a person’s life. Dr. S. Radhakrishnan set up the high standards for the teachers that need to be emulated in the true spirit. #Teacher #TeachersDay #HappyTeachersDay T
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31. Just 10 simple tips to nurture your child's curiosity
31. Just 10 simple tips to nurture your child

 31. Just 10 simple Tips to nurture your child’s curiosityThe author had mentioned the importance of curiosity in his article “28. Why is my child so curious?”, published earlier in this space.   Why do we need to nurture this curiosity?The children can learn about the new things only if they are curious. A study by Sophie von Stumm concluded that curiosity leads to a brilliant academic performance. It is only a curious child who will try to find out answers to his queries by asking the parents and teachers; consulting books, and even from his surroundings.  We, as parents and teachers, need to work on nurturing the child’s curiosity if they lack it.So, what are these 10 Simple tips?1.    Encouragement- Be your child’s best friend. Talk to him about his day at school; look out for his interests and hobbies; and ask him open-ended questions to let him bring out his doubts and queries.2.    Be simple in your reply- Ask simple questions and encourage him to enquire and reply. Convince him fully with your simple, age-appropriate answers. However, beware, your child can make out if you are being evasive. 3.    Be enthusiastic- Remember, your enthusiasm is contagious. It will encourage him to interact positively with you and help you in bonding with him. 4.    Say ‘NO’ but suggest alternatives also- Sometimes, he may be curious about something harmful or inappropriate for him. Don’t just snub but  find out an equally interesting alternative.5.    Ensure safety- Keep plug points covered, sharp things and medicines in a safe place, and hot surfaces out of their reach. Nurturing curiosity does not mean to expose him to the risks. He should also be told about the dangers from these things in an easy, understandable manner.6.    Keep home atmosphere serene- Can anyone expect his child to approach his quarrelling parents to ask something? He will suppress his questions. A calm and serene atmosphere brings out natural instincts of the children. 7.    Give him creative items to play- The video or computer games showing aggressive behaviour may entertain a child but will not nurture his creative genius. Instead of that, he will be better off solving puzzles, creating items from the blocks or drawing and painting some art work.8.    Let him develop a hobby of collection- If he takes up a hobby of collecting things like postage stamps, old coins, seashells, small toy cars, colourful pebbles, story books, photographs etc. he will, automatically, have many questions germinating in their minds about these items.9.    Give them tools of knowledge- Let the children’s interests also grow with them. Give them objects like magnifying glass; magnets; measuring tapes; binoculars; laptops etc. to let them develop their natural instinct for learning.10.Take them to new places- New places would mean new experiences, arouse their curiosity and make him more knowledgeable.The author has tried to give practical tips on the subject. If the readers want to go in for more details, the author would recommend the website: link: indicates the presence of a healthy mind in a child. It should be nurtured by the parents and elders. An atmosphere of love, peace and security will help them develop into a normal human being who maintains inquisitiveness in life to move forward in the positive direction.                        #CuriousChild #Children'sCuriosity #Curiosity #InquisitivenessInTheChildren #CuriousChildrenAndParents  The author wants to know your take on the subject. Do you appreciate your child's inquisitiveness or get irritated? The comment box on the blog awaits your answers. You may also express your views there or on the author's email: 
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30. Does your child s-s-s-s-stutter?
30. Does your child s-s-s-s-stutter? Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 The Times of India has reported about a 13-year old boy, Brayden Harrington, addressing the Democratic convention. It was not usual for a boy of this small age address a political convention. It was also the boy stammers. The Democrat presidential candidate, Mr. Joe Biden helped him address. He was told by Mr. Biden, “We are the members of the same club, both of us s-s-s-stutter.” Mr. Biden told him as to how he came over this problem of stuttering in the school where everybody made fun of him as Buh-Buh-Buh-Biden but he did not succumb to it, practiced assiduously and overcame the problem. Once, I was passing through a play-field in a school. It was lunchtime. Some children were standing around a boy who was crying bitterly. I found on going there that the boy used to stammer and all his peers were making fun of him. Fortunately, his teacher came on the scene and the situation could be saved but it led me to think about the seriousness of the problem. Mostly it is a childhood problem and with sensible and sensitive approach can be cured but still, till such time that the child is suffering it is a cause of huge embarrassment. I got down to know more about it and was surprised to see a huge list of stutterers that included actors, athletes, politicians, even singers, orators and writers, and many eminent people such as Late British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill and King George VI. It is definitely curable and requires dedicated efforts. Famous English singer and songwriter Gareth Paul Gates has been known to stutter. He has said, “Living with a stammer isdifficult. It's a daily uphill struggle with emotional baggage weighing youdown. You can't be the person you want to be.” Now that we are on the subject, why not find out more about this seemingly disconcerting problem. What is stuttering? Everybody knows that it is not a very uncommon speech problem where the normal flow of speech is interrupted because of the repetition or extension of some sounds or words. The condition may vary from mild to severe. It makes it difficult for the person to communicate with other people. Many times, a normally-speaking person may also face this problem during public speaking or sudden meeting with someone or even during telephonic conversation. Types of stuttering Mainly there are three types of stuttering-·       Developmental- This type of stutteringis the most common one among the children and generally occurs between theirage of 2 and 5 years. The reason of such stuttering is that the child’swants to speak. However, if it persists for more than 6 months or continues indevelopment of speech and the language do not keep pace with what he or shefor concern.the child beyond the age of Three and a half years, it can be taken as a cause·       Neuorgenic- This type of stutteringis caused by a brain injury or stroke. It affects brain or nerves and causessignal problems between the brain, nerves and the muscles connected with thespeech.·       Psychogenic- This one is the mostuncommon caused by emotional trauma or disturbed thinking or reasoning. ·       Genetic- Sometimes there can be agenetic or hereditary reason also for it. The child may take it from either ofthe parents or even a close family member. Cause of stuttering As of date, medical science has not been able to attribute any proper cause of stuttering. However, family history of stuttering may influence it. It also occurs if the child has some other speech disorders or stutters for more than 6 months. Some inherent fear or concern may also cause it. Symptoms of stuttering ·   Repeating sounds, syllables or words- The child may repeat a sound like r-r-r-rabbit. ·       Prolonging sounds, syllables or words- The child may take itlonger to pronounce a word. For example- pic-pic-pic-picnic ·       Using fillers- Some children use fillers such as ‘like’. I wantto like……read the book. ·       Slow talkers- These children are slow talkers measuring eachword while speaking. ·       Blocked speech- Their mouth opens up but they can’t speak. ·       Nervousness- Some become so nervous or become out of breath thatthey can’t speak. ·       Blinking eyes and shaking lips- They can speak but not withoutblinking their eyes or shaking lips. ·       Stuttering during fatigue, stress or excitement- Some childrenspeak properly under normal circumstances but stutter during stress, fatigue orexcitement. ·       Fear- Some children stutter if they are afraid of something. Diagnosis of stuttering Stuttering patients have to normally consult a Speech-LanguageTherapist. He or she makes efforts to diagnose the exact problem. They askquestions about the speech using different techniques to diagnose the problems. Treatment of stuttering There is no known cure for stuttering. It varies with the age,health and severity of the problem. Skills and techniques of speech can helpthe child not to carry it to the adulthood. Problems Stuttering causes problems like low self-confidence resulting inpoor academic performance and avoiding social interaction. 12 Tips to help a stuttering child Parents play a very important role in taking care of this problem.Some suggested tips are as follows- 1.    Keep the atmospherenormal for the child. 2.    Become totally involvedwith the child. Don’t let him/ her feel that he/ she is being ignored. 3.    Give him/ her yourquality time. 4.    Encourage him/ her totalk about the topics of interest. 5.    Never speak negativelyabout his/ her stutter. 6.    Don’t interrupt duringhis/ her speech. 7.    Speak to the childslowly so that he or she also replies comfortably and slowly. 8.    Pay complete attentionwhile the child is speaking. 9.    Don’t speak for him/her. Let the child complete the word or the sentence. 10.   Don’t try to evade the topic of stuttering with the child if he orshe brings it up. 11. Keep interacting with the child’s teachers andensure that the child’s peers do not tease or bully him/ her. 12. In case of any such family history, never hide itfrom the speech therapist. Consultation with the therapist/ Counsellor/ Doctor ·       Watch for the conditionsof stuttering and immediately consult them- ·       If the situation goesbeyond 6 months ·       If the child is afraidof speaking ·       If there are problems inthe school ·       Ensure that you clearlyunderstand the child’s exact problem in speech. ·       If possible, write downthe details and the questions in your mind about the problem. ·       During the consultationalso note down the diagnosis, tips, tests, medical examinations and advicealong with the medicines, its efficacy and side effects, if any. Some famous stutterers in the History British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Orator Demosthenes King George VI Actor James Earl Jones Country singer Mel Tillis The list can be very long. However, one can find singers and orators who have to use their vocal chords more than others. So, if they can be famous even with this handicap, there isnothing much to be afraid of. The author has taken the inspiration from above mentioned Reportin The Times of India and the following websites: # StammeringInTheChidren #StutteringInTheChildren#TipsForStutteringChildren. T   he author R. C. Verma has experienced a close family member suffer from it in adulthood. He had low self- confidence and suffered throughout his life because of it.
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29. Why choose Vocational Training Courses?
29. Why choose Vocational Training Courses? Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 There can be myriad reasons for taking up Vocational courses. Some people attend these for the skill reinforcement; some are keen on learning and gaining additional traits, but a majority of the students of these vocational courses take these up for purely economic reasons. They may not be able to afford costly professional courses in big institutions or do not have academic brilliance to face the entrance examinations or face pressing financial conditions, forcing them to take up vocational studies in order to get quick jobs and add to the family income.  We hear so much about Vocational Courses. Are these really good? Do these actually instill some skills in a person? Let us examine these and know more. What is a Vocation? Basically, vocation is referred to a person’s main employment or occupation. It requires the person to acquire certain skills and competence for effective performance. Vocational Courses: Vocational courses are more of an applied nature. These courses enable individuals to acquire skills related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation. Reasons for choosing Vocational Training Courses: The Government of India has realized the importance of Vocational training and therefore made it an important part of the curriculum of the students in New Education Policy 2020.  Some excerpts: “By 2025, NEP 2020 proposes to get at least 50 per cent of the learners exposed to vocational education. As the world integrates knowledge and skills, our children must gain knowledge and the ability to use the same to solve real-world problems.” (Details can be referred to, on this space as well as on my blog Education 2020.) Following are some of the reasons for which the person should consider taking up a proper vocational training course. ·       Helps in getting proper career: A general qualification may open the person to many fields but it becomes very difficult for a person to get and stick in a proper job because of no vocational training. A person trained in vocational courses gets into his or her dream career soon. ·       Adds to professional competence: It is very important for a person to gain competence in his or her occupation at any level. He or she may be in the initial stage; this is only recourse to rise in the career. At the middle and senior levels, it is all the more important because professional competence only can help him or her to stay in the job, rise, and effectively control the junior staff. ·       Enables flexibility: These courses are well-designed for the working people. It adds to their flexibility as per the study program. Vocational Training Courses in Lucknow: Lucknow is the capital of the most populous state of the country. It has got plenty of opportunities for the seekers of Vocational training. The details are as follows. (The contact details have been taken from various websites and are subject to change): Conclusion The world of Education is undergoing a big change. Our country has woken up to face new realities and adapt to rising trends. An indication has come in the form of NEP2020. It will enable the students of our country to face the real challenges of the world. The perspectives are changing and that forces us to go for the applied form of education. Vocational Education is a step in that direction only. Lucknow is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It was felt necessary to explore the scenario of Vocational Education in the city. It is a humble attempt towards this end. In the five articles of this series, following this one, information about the following vocational courses is being given-Nursing; ITIs & Polytechnics; Interior Designing & Music and Dance classes; Management and Hotel Management institutions; Air hostesses' training; Fashion Designing; Personality Development; Cooking and Baking courses. #VocationalTraining #VocationalTrainingCoursesInLucknowThe author has compiled information about vocational courses in Lucknow. These may be found useful. Please post your comments in the box or mail: vermarajesh55@gmail.comThese articles are also going to appear soon on the website: in its education section.
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29.a. Why choose Vocational Training Courses? Nursing and Paramedical courses in Lucknow
29.a. Why choose Vocational Training Courses? Nursing and Paramedical courses in Lucknow Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 Nursing and Paramedical courses in Lucknow Nursing and paramedical personnel do yeomen job of supporting the Medical fraternity in their task of serving the humanity. This has been proved in the on-going Covid pandemic cases all over the world where these people did not care for their personal comforts and saved a large number of precious lives. In the process, some of them even sacrificed their own. However, vocational training is required by them to carry on their jobs with professional accuracy that means vital difference between life and death for the patients. Lucknow has a number of institutions that train the Nursing and Para-medical staff. Most of these are attached to the main hospitals and nursing homes. Therefore, employment after the course is not a problem. Most of the trainees are selected in the jobs and then undergo this training. A trainee nurse, Angella (Name changed) tells us that she is getting trained into all the departments of the hospital to help her get professional expertise. She was all praise for the training procedures. Different institutions have fixed different tenures and many of them send their working staff also to update themselves in the upcoming procedures. Nova Institute of Nursing & Paramedical Sciences Near STP Crossing, Khargapur Gomati Nagar Lucknow Contact: 9935042461, 9935566620, 9935564240 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ All India Institute of Local Self Government, Lucknow Sector- C10/56/26, Vikas Nagar,Near Kishor Filling Pump, (Ring Road)  Lucknow – 226 022 Contact: 0522-3241702, 4065196 Fax: 0522-3241702, 4065196 Email: _____________________________________________ Bora Institute of Allied Health Sciences, College of Nursing, Sewa Hospital, Sewa Nagar, Sitapur Road, Lucknow 226201, U.P., [India] Contact: (0522) 3295335, 3292006 Mob: +91-9936826124 Email: _____________________________________________ Vivekananda College of Nursing and Vivekananda Polyclinic School of Nursing Vivekanand Puram, Lucknow-226007 Contact: +91 522 2321277, Ext-466,467,595 Fax: +91 522 2329624 Email for School: Email for College: Website: _____________________________________________ A K G Institute of Nursing Village- Bhawamipur, Chandrika Devi Road, Bakshi ka talab Lucknow Contact: +91-9519998885 Website: _____________________________________________ Avadh Institute of Medical Tech & Hospital Mungfali Mandi, Nabiula Road, S.K. Steel works, Nabiullah Road, River Bank Colony, Qaiserbagh, Lucknow Contact: +91-522-2612639, +91-98398-55544, +91-9839927021, +91-9935136244 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Career college of Nursing, Lucknow Sitapur-Hrdoi Bypass Road, Near 11 M, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-220260 Contact: 0522-2851058, 2509361 Website: _____________________________________________ O.P. Chaudhary Hospital & Research center Chaudhary Vihar, Raebareli Road, Lucknow Contact: 0522-6064531-45 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Bhalchandra Institute of Paramedical Science & Nursing Chaupatiya Road, Hardoi Road, Lucknow- 226003 Contact: 8953056080, 7398764294 _____________________________________________  Era's Lucknow Medical College and Hospital Sarfarazganj, Hardoi Road, Lucknow-226003 Contact: 0522-4153777 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ GSRM Memorial College of Nursing D-6, Industrial Estate, Sarojini Nagar, Lucknow-Kanpur Highway, Lucknow Contact: (0522)3250194, Mobile -9811098971, 9936210349 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Hind Institute of Medical Sciences Safedabad, Barabanki Road, Near Canal, Lucknow- 225003 Contact: (05248) 223224, 226671, 227787 Website: _____________________________________________ Nishat Institute of Paramedical Sciences & School of Nursing 8-J C Bose Marg, Lalbagh, Lucknow -226001 Contact: 0522-4082590-3193600, 0522 262 9674 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Samarpan Institute of Nursing & Paramedical science 1056 - Jainabad, Goyala (Chinhat) Dewa Road, Lucknow-227105 Contact: +91 8604540111, +91 860454066 Website: Email:   M.S. Nursing Institute, Lucknow Mansarovar Crossing, Aliganj, Lucknow, Lucknow - 226024 Contact: 8601800310, 8601800311  _____________________________________________ Shekhar School of Nursing, Lucknow         'B' Block, Church Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow – 226016 Contact: (0522-2352352) Email: Website: _____________________________________________ St Marys School of Nursing & Paramedical Institute Gaurabagh, Gudamba P.O, Kursi Road, Lucknow-226026. Contact: 0522-2361974, 91-7565989167 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Farida Iqbal College of Nursing No. 37, Cantonment Road, Khatkeyana, Lucknow- 226001 Contact: 0522 - 4041716, 9307218354 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Era's Lucknow Medical College And Hospital Address: Sarfarazganj, Hardoi Road, Lucknow-226003 Contact: 0522-4153777 Email: / Website: _____________________________________________ Hayat Institute of Nursing Hayat Complex, Sikrori, Near Andhe Ki Chowki Kakori, Hardoi Road, Lucknow - 226107 Contact: + 91 - 9935859534, + 91 – 9935876618 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences Raibareli Road, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh-226014 Contact: 0522-2668004-008-700-900, 0522 266 8700 Website: _____________________________________________ Sardar Patel Post Graduate Institute of Dental & Medical Sciences Sector 1, Vrindavan Colony, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226014 Contact: 0522-2442031-34  _____________________________________________ Mayo College Of Nursing Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences, Faizabad Road, Gadia, Barabanki-225001 Contact:  +91-5248-229595, +91-9235445111, 9235461111 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ F.I. Institute of Paramedical Sciences 37, Cantt. Road, Near Burlington Crossing Lucknow -226001 Contact: +91-9307218354, (+0522)6450480 Website: _____________________________________________ Baba Educational Society Institute of Paramedical College Of Nursing 56, Matiyari, (Chinhat), Deva Road, Lucknow - 226028, Contact: 8756946666, Mob. No.   9415004535 E-mail: Website: _____________________________________________ Balrampur Hospital Barudkhana, Lal Masjid, Golaganj, Lucknow, 226018 Phone: 0522 262 4040  _____________________________________________ Ankerite International Institute of Medical sciences (AIIMS) Affiliated University: UP state medical faculty C.R.P.F Chauraha , Mati Road , Bijnore , Lucknow-226002 Contact: 0522-2817713, 2436849, 6565430 Website: _____________________________________________ Charak Institute of Paramedical and Health Sciences Opposite Dubagga Mandi Hardoi Road Lucknow  _____________________________________________ Harvilas Bal & Mahila Chikitsalaya Station Road, Charbag, Lucknow, _____________________________________________  Integral School Of Nursing, Integral University Dasauli, P.O. Bas-ha Kursi Road, Lucknow – 226026 Website: _____________________________________________ Jahnvi School Of Nursing Money Mounta Complex, Near SGPGI, Rai Bariely Road,, Lucknow, Contact:  (0522) 2668137 Website: _____________________________________________ K. K. Hospital 87/88, Nabiullah Road, River Bank Colony, Opp. SSP Office, Near Suraj Kund Park, Lucknow, 226018 Contact: 0522 261 9050  _____________________________________________ Krishna Nursing & Paramedical Institute Plot no. - 2, 1, Rana Pratap Marg Lucknow - 226001 Contact: +91 522 2202746, 2200016 Email:, Website: _____________________________________________ Shail Institute Of Nursing Swatika city, Sultanpur Road, Ahmamau, Lucknow-226002 Contact: 0522 – 2812578, + 91 9807109219, + 91 9807109219 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ Shashwat-The-Institute Of Paramedical And Nursing 309 Aurangabad Jagir, Near Ramabai Ambedkar Sthal, Amar Shahid Path, Lucknow Contact: 0522-2994231, 9793547911, 9415026168 Email: Website: _____________________________________________ GNM - Suruchi Institute of Nursing Sitapur bypass road Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India _____________________________________________  Sahara College of Nursing & Paramedical Science Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - 226010 Contact: 0522-6782010, 2011, 0522-6780085-9838255005 Email: Website: #NursingCoursesInLucknow #NursesTrainingSchoolsInLucknowThis article is about the Nurses' Training in Lucknow. 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29.b.Why choose Vocational Training Courses? I T Is and Polytechnics in Lucknow
29.b.Why choose Vocational Training Courses? I T Is and Polytechnics in Lucknow Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in Lucknow ITI trains the students into various trades that can be classified as – Engineering trades- These are related to technical subjects such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering etc. Non-engineering trades-These are related to soft skills and non-technical aspects. Sewing, office skills, beauty therapy etc. are their examples. Our government has played very active role in promoting vocational education in ITIs. Considering the needs of the weaker section of the society and to impart necessary skills to them, training is given against payment of the subsidised fees. These ITIs offer- Lower fees, training by qualified staff and good infrastructure. Lucknow has it is run by the Government at the following places. ·       Aliganj ·       Charbagh ·       Malihabad ·       Mohanlalganj ________________________________________________________ There are many private institutes also in this field. Some of the prominent names are as follows: City Industrial Training Institute          Opp. BBD University, Tiwariganj, Chinhat Tiwariganj, Chinhat, Lucknow, ________________________________________________________ G.C.R.G. Memorial Trust's Group of Institutions    Chandrika Devi Road, Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow, Phone nos.- 227202 (0522)3066103, 3295680   Email: ________________________________________________________ RDSJ Pvt ITI          Sahjina-Balamau, Post Rahimabad, The Mallihabad, Lucknow          Phones: 05223293742, 05223293743, 09044995007    Email: Website: ________________________________________________________ Pragya Educational Group        G - 9, T S Tower, Ashok Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226001,        Phones: (91)-522-4079424, (91)-7525027189 ,  Website: ________________________________________________________ Infinite Talent Enhancement 3rd Floor,T S Tower,15 A, on road,Ashok Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow – 226001 Phones: (91)-522-4062271, (91)-7525022272 ,  Email: Website: ________________________________________________________ Chandra Institute of Professional Studies    B-47, Sec-J, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226024, Opposite Mr. Brown Backery          Phones: (91)-522-3232341, (91)-9889007455    Email: Website: ________________________________________________________   M G Institute Of Management & Technology Shekhar College Kanpur road, NH-25, Banthra Sikander Pur, Lucknow, - 226401        Phone nos.(91)-522-6570868, 6502076, (91)-9956147000 ,    Email : Website: ________________________________________________________ Welfare Industrial Training Institute, Lucknow GPO, Lucknow - 226001          Phones: (91)-9162187216 , +(91)-9031409612  Email: Website: ________________________________________________________ Intact Institute       1st Floor, 4/293, Vivek Khand-4, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - 226010    Phones:(91)-522-3293832, (91)-9889647678     Email: Website: ________________________________________________________ Unity Industrial Training Centre          Lakshman Prasad Road, Lakehman Prasacl Road, Railway Station, Wazirganj, Lucknow - 226018       Phones-(91)-522-2257955, (91)-9415786695     Website: ________________________________________________________ Encraft ITI    Mati Road, Lucknow Gpo, Lucknow - 226001    Phones: (91)-8400542192, 9161191990  ________________________________________________________ Surya Industrial Training Centre         Hariharpur, Shaheedpath, Lucknow ________________________________________________________ Awadh ITI    B-3, , Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - 226010 Phones-(91)-9389359009   ________________________________________________________  Bharti Industrial Training Centre        Plot No- 40-41, Indira Nagar Lucknow, Lucknow - 226016      Phones-(91)-522-2714433, (91)-9452204071 ________________________________________________________ Multimedia institute of information and technology         82/28, Guru Gobind Singh Marg, Charbagh, Lucknow - 226004        Phones-(91)-9415769696   ________________________________________________________                           Bitc Bharti Industrial Training Centre Lajwanti nagar, Sector 11, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, 226016     Phones-094531 38239 ________________________________________________________ Seiko Industrial Training Institute       G kant Amausi station, near nadarganj police chowki, Amausi Industrial Area, Lucknow - 226008          Phones (91)-9336268020, 9415006173 ________________________________________________________ Alambagh Industrial Training Institute          Brahmdutt Plaza Opposite Piccadily Hotel, Barabirwa Alambagh, Rajendra Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005        093350 30727          Email: Website: ________________________________________________________ ITIs offer the training in the following trades-       §  Draughtsman-Civil and Mechanical   §  Electrician   §  Mechanic- Electronic; Motor vehicle; Radio and TV; Instrument; Refrigeration and Air-conditioning; Diesel vehicles; Tractors; Scooter and Moped;   §  IT and Electronics System Maintenance   §  Machinist Grinder   §  Radiology Technician   §  Surveyor   §  Tool and Die Maker   §  Fitter   §  Painter   §  Turner   §  Wireman   §  Architectural Assistant   §  Auto Electrician   §  Automotive Body and Paint Repair   §  Carpenter   §  Computer Hardware and Networking   §  Dent Beating and Spray Painting   §  Interior Decoration and Designing   §  Plastic Processing Operator   §  Plumber   §  Sheet Metal Worker   §  Steel Fabricator   §  Welder (Gas and Electric)   §  Baker and Confectionery   §  Commercial Art   §  Computer Operator and Programming Assistant   §  Craftsman Food Production   §  Cutting and Sewing   §  Desktop Publishing Operator   §  Digital Photography   §  Dress Making   §  Dress Designing   §  Embroidery and Needle Work   §  Fashion Technology   §  Health and Sanitary Inspector   §  Hair and Skin Care   §  Hospital House Keeping   §  Litho-Offset Machine Minder   §  Office Assistant Cum Computer Operator   §  Secretarial Practice   §  Steno English   §  Steno Hindi   §  Steward   §  Call Centre Assistant   §  Corporate House Keeping   §  Data Entry Operator   §  Domestic House Keeping   §  Front Office Assistant   §  Event Management Assistant   §  Office Machine Operator   §  Tourist Guide Polytechnics in Lucknow Polytechnics offer Diploma courses mainly in different branches of Engineering. They run these courses for 1 to 3 years and are suitable for the students who cannot compete in the entrance examinations of degree courses. Later on, the Diploma holders can also upgrade to the Degree courses. The minimum qualification for entrance is a pass certificate of Class 10. Government Polytechnic Faizabad Road, Lucknow Website: It was established in 1892. It is spread over an area of 95428 square metres. Hostel facility is available for its students. It offers the following courses to its students:   ·       Architecture Assistantship ( Diploma )   ·       Civil Engineering ( Diploma )   ·       Computer Hardware And Networking ( Diploma )   ·       Electrical Engineering ( Diploma )   ·       Electronics Engineering ( Diploma )   ·       Information Technology ( Diploma )   ·       Library And Information Science ( Diploma )   ·       Mechanical Engineering (production) ( Diploma )   ·       Mechanical Engineering Automobile ( Diploma )   ·       Plastic And Mould Technology (Diploma )   ·       Web Designing ( Diploma )   ·       Information Technology ( Diploma )   ·       Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Application ________________________________________________________ Government Girls Polytechnic It offers the following diploma courses for the girls.     ·       Full Time Diploma in Fashion Designing (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Architecture Assistantship (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Interior Decoration and Design (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Computer Applications (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Electronics Engineering (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Information Technology (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Instrumentation and Control Engineering (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Web Designing (1st shift)   ·       Full Time Diploma in Modern Office Management (1st shift)    Private Polytechnics There are a large number of private institutions as well, offering diploma courses. These are as follows: ·      Azad Lucknow Polytechnic Azadpuram, Adjacent Crpf Camp, Po: Chandrawal, Bijnour, Lucknow ·      GCRG College of Polytechnic Parvatpur, Chandrika Devi Road, Bakshi Ka Talab, Lucknow ·      Hewett Polytechnic Mahanagar ·      Jan Kalyan Institute of Technical Education E - 100 - 101, Upsidc Area, Near Umra Tiraha, Kursi Road, Lucknow ·      Lucknow Polytechnic Kanpur Road, Krishna Nagar, Lucknow ·      Prasad Polytechnic Sarai Sahjadi Kanpur Road, Banthra Lucknow ·      R.R. Institute of Modern Polytechnic Village - Bhaisamau, Nh - 24, Bakshi Ka Talab, Sitapur Road, Lucknow ·      Rameshwaram Institute of Technology and Management Govind Puram, Near Sewa Hospital, Sitapur Road, Lucknow ·      Saroj College of Engineering and Polytechnic Chand Sarai, Near Gosainganj Sultanpur Road Lucknow ·      Trirupati College of Engineering Village - Bendowa Block Mohanlalganj, Raebareli Raod, Lucknow These institutions offer Diploma Courses in all the major branches of Engineering. #ITIsInLucknow #PolytechnicsInLucknowAuthor  This article is about the ITIs and Polytechnics in Lucknow. Hope it will be found useful. Please post your comments in the box or mail: This article is also going to appear soon on the website: in its education section.    
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29.c. Why choose Vocational Training courses? Interior Designing; Music and Dance courses in Lucknow
29.c. Why choose Vocational Training courses? Interior Designing; Music and Dance courses in Lucknow Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

  Interior Design courses in Lucknow Everybody wants a well-designed home. However, it requires not only good aesthetic sense but a professional eye for the design and decoration of the house interiors. Interior decoration is an art that takes care of the environment, involves architecture and makes effective use of space. Needless to say, it is learnt in a professional institution that teaches the nuances of Interior designing to its students. Lucknow does not lag behind in good institutions that train the individuals in this fine art. Some of these are detailed as follows: Amity University Amity University Lucknow Campus (AULC) in the beautiful campus spread over 40 acres also gives Undergraduate education in Interior designing. It is a full-time 4-year program. They charge 5.92 Lac as total fees. ___________________________________________________________________ Wisdom School of Management D-2 Sec-F, Opp. Sahara Bhawan, Back of New Geeta Vastralaya, Kapoorthala, Aliganj, Lucknow 226024 This institute offers an undergraduate Distance/Correspondance program in Interior Designing. ___________________________________________________________________ Babu Banarsi Das University Faizabad Road This institute offers 4 years Full time program of Bachelors in Interior Designing and charges a fees of 3.2 Lacs. ___________________________________________________________________ Dream Zone     F-10, First Floor, Shagun Palace, Sapru Marg, Pin Code: 226001, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow. Phone No:05224043382; 9919977784     2nd Floor, Money Mounta Market, Near PGI, Raebareli Road, Lucknow Phone No: 05224043382; 7275719162  Email Id: Website: The institute runs Interior Design courses also. __________________________________________________________________ ITM Business School C-24, 1st Floor, Alkapuri, Sector - C, Pin Code-226024, Aliganj, Lucknow Phone No:05224017384, 9026770105; 18002099727 (Toll free) Sponsored Links  Website: It runs course in Interior Design as well. ___________________________________________________________________ Course Masala Saadatganj, Sadatpur Extension, Lucknow Phone No:8318406327 Email Id: Website: Description: Course Masala runs Interior Design courses as well. ___________________________________________________________________ EduCADD 86, Halwasia Market, 2nd Floor, Hazrat Ganj,-226001, Lucknow Phone No:05224106116; 9793336663 Email Id: Website: This institute runs course in interior design as well. ___________________________________________________________________ IIFT Lucknow Centre 87, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow Phone No: 05224041000; 05224042000 Email Id: Website: The institute runs course in Interior designing. ___________________________________________________________________ Inter National Institute of Fashion Design Raja Ramkumar Plaza, 2nd Floor, 75, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow Phone No: 05226450565; 7071154223 Website: It imparts quality education in Interior Designing. ___________________________________________________________________ JD Institute of Fashion Technology 4A, Habibullah Estate, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow 226001, Phone No: 05224029443; 9415325466; 0522-2311264 Email Id: Website: It trains students in Interior Designing as well. Music and Dance classes Music is said to be the food of the soul. Dance forms popular in Lucknow are mainly Kathak though other dances are also taught in the city of Nawabs. There are many institutes but the prominent ones are as follows: Bhatkhande Music Institute Webite: 1, Kaiserbagh, Lucknow, 226001 Bhatkhande Music Institute is an esteemed study centre of Indian traditional music. Pt. Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande established it as a music school in 1926 with the help and co-operation of music patrons and connoisseurs of Lucknow. The State Government of Uttar Pradesh took over its control on 26th March 1966. Then it was aptly renamed it after its founder as ‘Bhatkhande College of Hindustani Music.’ The Government of India declared this institute as “Deemed University” on 24th October, 2000. Bhatkhande Music Institute campus is spread over an area of 2.0784 acres.   Departments Particulars Vocal Classical Vocal Thumri Dadra Light Music Dance Kathak Dance Bharatanatyam Manipuri Dance Folk Dance Swar Vadya Sitar Sarod Guitar Violin Sarangi Harmonium Flute Taal Vadya Tabla   Pakhawaj Musicology Musicology               Besides the renowned Bhatkhande Music Institute, many private institutions have taken up the training in the field of Music and Dance forms.  The main ones are enumerated as follows: Gima Music Hub 2nd Floor, Sector F, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226024 Phones: 7275371096 ___________________________________________________________________ Saroj Khan Dance Academy- LDA Colony M/696, Sector F, Kanpur Road, LDA Colony, Lucknow - 226012  Phones: 8081657818 ___________________________________________________________________ Saraswati Musical Classes Building No. 426, Near Police Station, Rajaji Puram, Lucknow - 226017 Phones: (0522) 4042023; +(91) (0522) 2416555; 9415094503 Power House Chauraha, Aashiyana Colony, Lucknow – 226012 ___________________________________________________________________ Bharatanatyam Dance Academy E - 197, Sector G, Kanpur Road, Lucknow - 226001 Phones: 9984791998 ___________________________________________________________________ Palna 21/A, Narayan Nagar, Faizabad Road, Lucknow - 226002 Phones: 9918126171 ___________________________________________________________________ Natraj Nritya Sangam Kanpur Road, Aashiyana, Lucknow - 226012 Phones: 8081507758; 9450263476 ___________________________________________________________________ Rock Ashram 6 - A, Jeet Palace Building, Sapru Marg, Hazratganj, Lucknow - 226001 Phones: 9044040029 ___________________________________________________________________ Srijan Dance Performing Arts Tikait Ganj, Lucknow - 226001 8960396146 +(91) 9369713880    #InteriorDesignCoursesInLucknow #BhatkhandeMusicSchoool #MusicAndDanceCoursesInLucknowThis article gives details of Interior designing and Music-Dance courses in Lucknow. 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29.d. Why choose Vocational Training courses? Management and Hotel Management courses in Lucknow
29.d. Why choose Vocational Training courses? Management and Hotel Management courses in Lucknow Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 Management Courses in Lucknow Indian Institute of Management Website: Well, the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) does not need an introduction. 4th ranked in the Management institutes, it is the good luck of Lucknow to have an IIM here. Fortunately, it lives up to its name and trains the students in the 2 years’ Post-Graduate, Executive level, and Fellowship programs in the management. Located on IIM Road, it is spread over 200 acres. The admission of the students is based on their performance in CAT, GMAT, XAT, and GATE. It enrolls 1100 students each year in different programs. Needless to point out, last year it took just 3 days for the students’ 100% placement in the star companies of the corporate world. It offers scholarships to the needy and deserving candidates as per the established norms. ______________________________________________________   Amity university, Lucknow Amity University Lucknow Campus (AULC) was established in the year 2004 and MBA is one of its large number of programs offered in the beautiful campus spread over 40 acres. Its business school is ranked among the top 10 in the country. It is located in Gomti Nagar Extension area. It has got an excellent placement record with more than 900 students placed in top corporate giants, some of them being Fortune 500 companies. ______________________________________________________   Integral University, Lucknow Situated in the prime area of the city, Integral University also offers 2 years Full time MBA program besides its Engineering courses. It also offers courses in Supply Chain Management and Hotel Management. It has got a very well-functioning Placement cell for its students. ______________________________________________________   Jaipuria Institute of Management Situated in the prime area of the city, Gomtinagar, this Institute is among the top-ranked Business School with 25 years of experience. It offers Post-graduate Diploma in Management and also imparts specialisation in Service Management, Marketing, Financial services and Retail Management. Admission is conducted on the basis of CAT, CMAT, MAT, and GMAT. Their placement record is very good. Some of the finest names from the corporate sector pick students from here for employment.   _______________________________________________________   Shri Ram Murti Smarak International Business School Situated on 34th Km on Lucknow-Kanpur Road, this Business School, (SRMS IBS) has a marvelous campus spread in 16 acres. It offers 2 years full-time residential PGDM program (Post Graduate Diploma in Management) along with specialization in International Business, Information Technology, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management and Banking. Admission is done on the basis of valid CMAT, XAT, ATMA, CAT, SNAT, GMAT, MAT score. They have a nicely structured placement cell to complete the recruitment process of the students in many reputed companies. The institute also offers scholarship to its most deserving students. _______________________________________________________   School of Management Sciences It is located in heart of the city at Park Road. It is ranked among Top 50 B-Schools of India by Business Today and awarded ‘Best Engineering College in North India’ for the Excellence in Education, Training & Development. SMS Lucknow offers degree and diploma programs in the discipline of Technology, Business Administration, Vocational Studies, Commerce, etc. It takes admission on the basis of CAT/ XAT/ MAT/ CMAT/ ATMA. Its placement cell is very active in inviting many good companies for the placement of its students. The school offers scholarships to the deserving and needy students. _______________________________________________________   Lal Bahadur Institute of Management and Development studies It is located in the Jankipuram area of Lucknow. It is affiliated to Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University and has more than 35 years of experience in professional studies. Besides other post-graduate courses, it offers an MBA program to its students.  Its alumni are well placed in nearly in very good companies of our country.  Admission norms are very simple. One needs to be a graduate with minimum 50% marks. _______________________________________________________   Annie Besant College of Engineering and Management It is located in Vinay Khand of the posh locality of Gomti Nagar in Lucknow. It offers 2 years full time course in MBA and 2 years Part-time course in MBA (Finance). The admission requirements are very simple.  Hotel Management Courses in Lucknow Once you visit a five-star hotel, everything is spic and span. All the employees seem to be giving personalized attention to nearly everybody but it is part of their job. Hospitality Industry is known for the 3 P’s- Professionalism, Protocol and Perfection. Each one of these P’s is important but professionalism plays a very large role. To gain this professionalism rigorous training is required and given by various Hotel Management Institutions. Lucknow has institutions that train perfect people in this area as well. Some of these are described as follows: Institute of Hotel Management, catering & Nutrition – (IHM) Website: Spread in a vast area of five acres, this Institute has very rigid standards of training. They impart quality education in the tourism and hospitality sectors. Admission is based on merit and entrance test. The institute has a very good placement cell. It offers diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs to the students as per the following details: Courses              Specializations               Eligibility Diploma Food Production Intermediate graduate from a recognized institute with English as a compulsory subject Bakery & Confectionary Food & Beverage Service PG Diploma Accommodation Operations & Management Graduate in any stream B.Sc Hospitality & Hotel Administration Intermediate graduate from a recognized institute with English as one of the subjects M. Sc Hospitality & Hotel Administration Graduation in hotel management from a recognized institute B.Sc in Hospitality & Hotel Administration from IGNOU & NCHMCT   ________________________________________________________ UEI Global Shalimar Tower 2nd floor, behind Waves Cinema, near Pickup Bhawan, Gomti Nagar It is a world-class Hotel Management institute offering training of vocational skills in the management and service sectors. There is a unique blend of vocational skills training along with formal education. The institute offers undergraduate, postgraduate and certificate courses as per the following details: Course Specialization Eligibility Bachelor in Hospitality Management Regular Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from Indian Central or State Examination Board & Graduation. International Certification Culinary Arts BBA Plus Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from Indian Central or State Examination Board & Graduation. International BBA HM Hospitality Management Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from Indian Central or State Examination Board & Graduation. International Specialization Culinary Specialization MBA Plus Candidate must have completed graduation from recognized University Tourism and Hotel Management International Management Certificate course in Business Management Banking & Finance Candidates must have passed 10+2 or equivalent from Indian Central or State Examination Board & Graduation Retail & Logistics Advanced Certificate in management Certificate course in Hotel & Hospitality Management Foundation Certificate in International Hospitality Management (FCIHM) 10+2/ Graduation from a recognized board/ university.  Food Preparation (CFP) Grand Certificate in International Hospitality Management (GCIHM) #ManagementCoursesInLucknow #IIMLucknow #ManagementInstitutesInLucknow #HotelManagementInLucknow #IIHM This article gives details of Management courses and Hotel Management Courses in Lucknow. 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29.e. Why choose Vocational Training Courses? Air hostesses'; Fashion Technology; Baking and cookery; Personality Development courses in Lucknow
29.e. Why choose Vocational Training Courses? Air hostesses

  Air hostess training courses in Lucknow Many of us, travelling by air, wonder at the perfection and the patience of the air-hostesses. Actually, it is a part of their professional training. It is a lucrative profession for young and smart girls but it is not easy to keep your composure in the circumstances which become trying many a times. They act with a mechanical precision but give it a human touch as well. Lucknow does not lag behind in having institutions that impart professional training to the aspiring candidates. Their details are as follows: Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training 18/242, First Floor, Ring Road, Indira Nagar, Lucknow Phone No:05224066199, 05224078199112, 1st Floor, Saran Chambers-II, 5, Park Road, Lucknow 05223295618 Website: This institute offers the following courses: ·       Frankfinn Diploma in [FDAHTM] (1 Year) ·       Frankfinn Certificate Course in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management [FCCAHTM] (9 Months) & Hospitality, Travel and Customer Service [FCCHTCS] (6 Months), ·       Aviation and Hospitality Services [FCCAHS] (4 Months) & Airport Ground Services [FCCAGS] (3 Months). _____________________________________________________________ AHA Aviation and Hospitality Academy Pvt Ltd New Janpath, 4th Floor, 9-A, Ashok Marg, Lucknow Phone No: 9198380599 Email Id: Website:  This institute offers the following courses: ·       Aviation & Hospitality Management Diploma Duration: One Year. ·       Fast track Aviation & Hospitality Diploma Management Duration: 6 Months, ·       Persona Enhancement Duration: 3 Months. _____________________________________________________________ Avalon Academy     2nd Floor, Pushpa Bajaj Showroom Building, Opposite Alambagh Bus Stand, Alambagh, Lucknow     32/109, 1st Floor, 85, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Opposite Cafe Coffee Day, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow Phone No:05224029192 Customer Care No: 1-800-209-1444,1800221550 Email: This institute offers the following courses: ·       PAMCC ·       Diploma in Airport Management & Customer Care(DAMCC) ·       AAA Certified Professional in Ground Staff Services ·       Cabin Crew Services ·       MBA-Aviation ·       BBA-Aviation ·       Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism ·       Personality Development Course ·       Pilot training ·       Aircraft Maintenance Engineering _____________________________________________________________ Flying Cats 17/4, 4th Floor, Nikhilesh Palace, Ashok Marg, Lucknow Phone No:05224029151 Email Id: Website: The institute offers a Wide Range of Advantages in Aviation Training _____________________________________________________________ The Catalyst Academy 2nd Floor, Murari Yadav Complex, Near Bharat Gas Agency, Faizabad Road, Lucknow Phone No:05224013011 Email Id: Website: This institute offers the following courses: ·       One year International Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality & Travel Management ·       One Year International Diploma in Airport Management ·       Self-grooming ·       Interview Techniques ·       Hospitality Management ·       Travel Management ·       CRS Training ·       English Communication ·       Foreign Language ·       Swimming _____________________________________________________________ Aviation Training Institute A-115, Arch Core Complex Sector B, Alambagh, Lucknow-26005 Phone No:9307199899Is Email Id: Website: This institute offers the following courses: ·       Cabin Crew Management ·       Hotel or Hospitality Management ·       Air Hostess Training Programmes With 100% Job Assurance in the Industry _____________________________________________________________ Airnative Aviation Academy Pvt Ltd     301, 02 3rd Floor Siyaram Complex Above Pushpa Bajaj Hussainganj Station Road Lucknow 226001,     Indira Nagar, Lucknow Phone No: 8604796287 Email Id: Website: This institute offers the following courses: ·       Air-hostess Cabin Crew ·       Airport Ground Handling Services Staff ·       Airport Retail Executive _____________________________________________________________ Flyfin Aviation Training Academy Hall No.10, Fi Plaza, Near Sai Mandir, Kapoorthala, 226024, Mahanagar, Lucknow Email Id: Website: This institute offers the following courses: ·       Aviation Hospitality ·       Retail Customer Service ·       BPO ·       Professional Make-up Artist Fashion Designing courses in Lucknow                                       The name Fashion Designing conjures up the image of glittering fashion shows and some weird dress styles but believe me it is a serious business. Creation of good image with the help of dress designing is not one bit easy. It requires professional expertise. There are several institutes in our city to train the aspiring students in this field. The most famous ones are detailed as follows: Amity University, Lucknow Amity University Lucknow Campus (AULC) was established in the year 2004 and B. Des in Fashion Technology is one of its programs offered in the beautiful campus spread over 40 acres. It is located in Gomti Nagar Extension area. The infrastructure and the faculty of the department is par excellence. ___________________________________________________________________ Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology (AIFT) First Floor, 27 M.G. Road, Hazratganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226001, India Contact: (0522) 2624581, 2275997 / phone 9838888521Email: Asma Hussain Institute of Fashion Technology (A.I.F.T.) is an Institute of Design; Management & Technology The Institute conducts the following courses: Fashion Design Interior Design Textile Design ___________________________________________________________________IIFT Lucknow Centre 87, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow Phone No:05224041000 ; 05224042000 Email Id: Website: The institute runs course in fashion technology. JD Institute of Fashion Technology 4A, Habibullah Estate, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow 226001, Phone No: 05224029443; 9415325466; 0522-2311264 Email Id: Website: It trains students in the fashion designing. ___________________________________________________________________ Inter National Institute of Fashion Design Raja Ramkumar Plaza, 2nd Floor, 75, Hazrat Ganj, Lucknow Phone No: 05226450565; 7071154223 Website: It imparts quality education in Interior Designing.  Personality Development courses in Lucknow These courses are run by individuals and they train the students mainly in the following areas of personal grooming: ·       Personality Development ·       Communication ·       Spoken English ·       Soft Skills ·       Training the trainer ·       Voice Modulation ·       Image Consultants ·       Management skills ___________________________________________________________________ Cooking and Baking Courses in Lucknow Just like Personality Development courses, cooking and baking courses are also conducted by many individuals in the city. They train the students in all kinds of cooking delicacies such as Vegetarian, Non-vegetarian, Mughlai, Continental, Chinese, Thai, Italian and food from many other countries as well. There is too much variety to be learnt. Practical cooking can be learnt. Renowned Shef Ms. Pankaj Bhadouria runs her cookery school which is very popular in the city. In baking different types of cakes, pastries, and other bakery items are taught to the students. #AirHostessTrainingInLucknow #FashionDesignProgramsInLucknow #PersonalityDevelopmentTrainingInLucknow #CookeryAndBakingCoursesInLucknowThis article gives details of Air Hostess training; Fashion Designing; Personality Development and Cookery & Baking Courses in Lucknow. Please post your views in box or mail to vermarajesh55@gmail.comThis article is also going to appear soon on the website: in its education section.
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28. Why is my child so curious?
28. Why is my child so curious? Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

                                         Mamma, how does the flower come up?It grows on the plant.Why does it grow on the plant?It is a plant's baby just as you are mine.Okay, but where does the baby come from?It comes from momma’s belly.Then, can you get another baby today?No, dear, I love only you.Where does the Sun come from?It comes from God to give us light.Then why does it go back in the evening?So that the night comes and you can sleep.But where does it go?It goes back to God.Why?...Lucy was just tired answering these innocent questions of her son, Michel. She was thinking aloud when her sister Mary rang up. Mary was a child psychologist. Lucy casually explained the inquisitiveness of the child before her. Mary explained the entire phenomenon in very simple words to her.Children’s natural curiosity to discover and learnMary repeated words of Dr. Bruce D. Perry, a Senior Consultant to the Alberta Minister of Children and Youth Services in Alberta, Canada and a Senior Fellow at the Berry Street Childhood Institute in Melbourne, Australia, “The world of a young child is full of new foods to taste, new people to meet, new games to play, words to understand, places to visit, and concepts to master. The infant and toddler will touch, taste, smell, climb over, poke at, take apart, watch, listen, and learn more than at any other time in life. It is, simply, how we learn.”She explained further: “It is true that after a hard day at work or tiring routine, you may not comfortably reply to your children’s umpteen questions but believe me, curiosity is  really a boon for them because that only indicates and nurtures their creative genius.”She added:Developing a child’s curiosityWe must stimulate children’s curiosity and learning. It is something natural for them to explore, discover, and learn.It will ensure success for them, in the long term.Their curiosity will keep them busy too. Their brain is equipped to learn only when their curiosity grows.Gradually, their process of thinking and deducing picks up speed and their retention also improves.As they grow, they begin to find the answers to their questions too.These facts have been proved by the study at the University of California, Davis too. The students were able to take interest in seemingly uninteresting subjects when their curiosity was aroused. They also could retain knowledge for a long period of time.  Mary told Lucy: “I’d, rather, ask you to get materials to spark Michel’s curiosity and play with him.”She emphasized:Don’t ever kill curiosityCuriosity can thrive only in a safe and natural environment filled with love and affection.The sentences that kill a child’s curiosity“Go away, don’t you irritate me”  “Can’t you see I am tired?”   “Oh my God! How much do you ask?“Are you a fool?”Remember, your one insensitive remark may set them off from ascending the learning curve and a positive growth pattern.Factors that butcher the child’s curiosityFear and insecurityUnsafe childhoodThe oppressive atmosphere at home or school TestsHome tasksSchool tasks Project work Excessive examination pressureToo much involvement with electronic mediaTakeaways Children’s natural curiosity is to discover and explore.The parents should stimulate their curiosity and learning.They should rather get materials that spark their curiosity further.This is the root of their phenomenal growth in the future. #Children'sNaturalCuriosityToDiscoverAndExplore #StimulateChildren'sCuriosityAndLearning #MaterialsForSparkingChildren'sCuriosityAndPlay #DevelopingChildren'sCuriosityAndPlay #WhyYoungChildrenAreCurious #WhyIsMyChildSoCurious   The author R. C. Verma has taken up a very pertinent topic of children's curiosity. Kindly read the article and post your comments in the comment box or mail to:
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Lucknow-My city
Lucknow-My city Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

 How much do you really know about LUCKNOW? You ·      may be living here. ·      may have been born here. ·      may be connected with the city. ·      may have heard about it. ·      may have relatives and friends in this city. ·      may have seen it in pictures. But, wouldn’t you like to know more and more and more…….? Here’s a unique effort by a team of Lucknow netizens to bring this city on the net horizons. They are here with a wonderful website titled Lucknowcity Link: Just pick up your mouse and click the link given above. What is there in it for you? It is primarily about Lucknow but has much-much more on a variety of subjects for everybody.    Home page    Laajawab Lucknow- Hotels, Restaurants, Shopping; Lucknow Trivia    Money saving-Articles on Stocks, money saving tips and Pension Planning    Food-Vegetarian and Non-veg mouth-watering Recipes    Lifestyle-Fashion, Travel, Books & authors    Health-Weight loss, fitness tips, Health tips, Immunity boosting    Entertainment-Bollywood, Hollywood, Movies, Web-series reviews    Education-yes, you have guessed it right. I am also a part of this endeavour. You can read my articles about the Educational Institutions of Lucknow, New Educational policy, Education during Corona Pandemic and many- many more on different aspects of Academics and Parenting.. So Visit the site and post your reviews. Do tell us §  What you like §  What more do you want §  Anything that you feel can encourage us.
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27. NEP 2020-What does it really mean?
27. NEP 2020-What does it really mean? Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

29th July 2020 will be remembered for a long time because of two reasons- (1) 5 Rafale fighter jets touched down at Ambala Air base to join Indian Air Force, giving a big boost to our defence capabilities. It was an occasion for a grand celebration. (2) Union Government announced new Education Policy 2020 (NEP2020)This space being dedicated to Education based articles, we will look into the salient features of this policy and what exactly does it mean for all of us-students, parents and the educators. India was Why the reforms?                             The world has undergone huge technical up-gradation in every field. Not remaining untouched, the education has acquired more of an applied nature. Artificial intelligence and Robotics are part of the curriculum now. One can envisage that five years from now, the entire scenario of education will change drastically. It is the time for survival of only the excellence. Unfortunately, the unprecedented pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the social distancing caused by it, forced us to accept realities like Virtual classes, Webinars and Distance Education. India is a country of brilliant and hard-working people. There is no reason why we cannot make it among the top-ranking nations. It was important for a country of 1.3 Billion people to wake up to the new realities and overhaul the age-old education system so that more and more people from India also, can join the global intelligentsia. That is the reason for the reforms in the Education sector which were long overdue.20 Main points of main points of NEP 2020:General Changes-Ministry of Human Resource Development will now be called Ministry of Education. That shows the intent of the Government to simplify and organize the conditions of Education.Education needs many infra-structural changes. This calls for huge investments and therefore the increased allocation from 1.7% to 6% of GDP.     Sanskrit gets more importance at all the levels of educationSchool Level-Present 10+2 system will be replaced with a 5+3+3+4 system of education. It means that the first 5 years will be for foundation education; 3 for Preparatory; 3 for Middle level and 4 years of Secondary Education.  The school students will appear only at Classes 3, 5 and 8 levels. Assessment in other years will shift to a more competency-based system that will promote learning and development. It will test higher-order skills, like analysis, critical thinking and conceptual clarity.Art and Science streams will not be separate now. It means that a science student can opt for fine arts as a subject and an arts student may study Chemistry as a subject. It makes the education more flexible.It is part of making education an applied one. The education will give practical training in various fields.Coding is an important part of software development. This step will make the students technically proficient from early stages.Content will focus on idea, application, problem- solving. It is a pity to see our little ones carry heavy bags loaded with books. Less of curriculum content would mean reduced load on them. To encourage this, the students will have 10 bags-less days in a year. The students will get holistic report cards that will show their all-round development.Board examinations for Classes 10 and 12 will be re-designed with holistic development as the aim. PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review, and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development), a new national assessment centre will set the standards for these examinations. The medium of instruction plays a very important role in learning. This step will facilitate the children to learn in their mother tongue or regional language.12.Changes in the schoolsThe school students will be getting Nutrition and health cards and regular health check-ups. This would mean less drop-outs from the schools.Higher studies- The high cut-offs of the marks for admission in the Undergraduate courses forced many students out of the reckoning. Now a SAT-like entrance examination will be conducted which can open ways for them to get the desired admissions.These will have multiple exit options. This is very important. Earlier, if the student took admission in a 3-year degree course and had to leave the studies midway, due to any reason, he would not be getting any advantage and if he wanted to study again, he had to start from the first year. Now if the student leaves the studies after 1 year, he will get a certificate. Similarly, leaving after two years, he will get a Diploma. He will get a degree after three years but cannot seek admission in a post-graduation course after three years. For that, he will have to complete a four-year degree course. Besides, their credits will be stored and they can continue their studies from the same level.It conforms to the international standards.One will be able to opt for it just after post-graduation.-Over a 15-year period, the colleges will get graded autonomy for giving degrees instead of affiliation with the universities..It would enable the students from the weaker sections of the society to get the desired education.Top-ranking International universities will be encouraged to open their campuses in India. Similarly, good Indian institutions will be facilitated to go global.By 2040, they will have greater inclusion of arts and humanities subjects for students studying science subjects, and vice versa.  Conclusion The importance of the policy can be judged by reactions of various prominent people. Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, “It will transform millions of lives by making India an Education Hub in an era where learning, research and innovation are important.” It appears to be true, if implemented in letter and spirit, NEP2020 will take India on the super highway of Education and bring back the old glory to the country.   The author has summarized the salient points of NEP-2020 in this article. Please do read and respond by posting your comments in the comment box in the blog or mail me- vermarajesh55@gmail.comThis article is also available on the website .   
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Amazon Affiliate page
Amazon Affiliate page Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

Friends,I am reviewing some Amazon books here on this page. Please read this and if you decide to buy any, don't forget to quote my unique Associate ID: education2000-20Thanks Rajesh Verma_______________________________________________________________________1-3 Boxed Set) Hardcover – Box set, September 25, 2018by J.K. Rowling  (Author), J. K. Rowling  (Author), Jim Kay (Illustrator)Harry Potter Hard Cover Boxed Set: Books #1-7 Hardcover – Box set, October 16, 2007by J. K. Rowling  (Author)Harry Potter The Illustrated 4 Books Collection Set By J K Rowling - The Philosophers Stone, The Chamber of Secrets, The Prisoner of Azkaban, The Goblet of Fire Hardcover – January 1, 2020by J. K. Rowling  (Author)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 4) (4) Hardcover – Illustrated, October 8, 2019by J. K. Rowling  (Author), Jim Kay (Illustrator)Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Paperback – September 1, 2000by J. K. Rowling  (Author), Mary GrandPré (Illustrator)by J.K. Rowling (Author), & 9 moreHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 1) Hardcover – October 6, 2015by J.K. Rowling  (Author), Jim Kay (Illustrator)Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: The Illustrated Edition (Harry Potter, Book 3) Hardcover – Illustrated, October 3, 2017by J.K. Rowling (Author), Jim Kay (Illustrator)Now, who hasn't heard of this game-changer of the book series which has transformed the lives of many children. It transports them to a different but charming world and they are lost to the charms of Harry Potter. It has turned them into BOOKWORMS for a change.These Corona times and even when these go away, your children can never thank you enough for this prize that you give them. Please do order it very soon. It will be read and re-read and re-read time and again by them for sure.If you decide to buy it, don't forget to quote my unique Associate ID : education2000-20_________________________________________Five On A Treasure Island (Famous Five Book 1) Kindle Editionby Enid Blyton  (Author) The Enchanted Wood Kindle Editionby Enid Blyton  (Author)  Format: Kindle EditionFive Run Away Together: Book 3 (Famous Five series) Kindle Editionby Enid Blyton  (Author)  Format: Kindle EditionThe Island of Adventure: Adventure series #1 Kindle Editionby Enid Blyton  (Author)  Format: Kindle EditionThese Enid Blyton books will prove to be a treasure for your kids as these were for you in your childhood. Remember these are the best bets to keep them away from that glare of Television  and computer screens. The adventure that you felt in your childhood will be relived by your children. Don't be amazed if you are tempted to read them again.If you decide to buy it, don't forget to quote my unique Associate ID : education2000-20_______________________________________________Food Network Magazine The Big, Fun Kids Cookbook: 150+ Recipes for Young Chefs Hardcover – April 7, 2020by Food Network Magazine (Editor), Maile Carpenter (Foreword)These Corona Pandemic times are pretty hard for the parents as well as the kids. Why not teach the children some cooking? They will love the food items that they prepare. Learn and let them learn by reading this cookbook specially written for them. If you decide to buy it, don't forget to quote my unique Associate ID : education2000-20_____________________________________________________________________________________Child Development and Education (7th Edition) 7th Editionby Teresa M. McDevitt (Author), Jeanne Ellis Ormrod (Author)This is a wonderful book about a very important subject of child development. It is very much useful for the parents especially the new ones who are very much concerned about the development parameters of their children. It deals with the subject in a professional manner. The authors are qualified development professional and Educational Psychologist. It explains the development theory and analyses of the children's behaviour in a lucid manner. It will definitely cater to the needs of the teachers, parents, children and the teenagers in a practical manner. I recommend buying of the book. If you decide to buy it, don't forget to quote my unique Associate ID : education2000-20------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Introduction to Teaching: Making a Difference in Student Learning 3rd Edition by Dr. Donna M. Gollnick, Gene E. Hall, et al.After the parents, teachers play an important role in the life of the children. However, this role has gone for a changeover and become a bit complex in today's world. Teaching career is full of challenges but still this wonderful company of the students is what rejuvenates a teacher. This book tells all about the teachers as to how they can prioritize the learning of their students and make them grow up as wise men and women who can play an effective role in development of the human race. Buy this book and become a good teacher!If you decide to buy it, don't forget to quote my unique Associate ID : education2000-20__________________________________________________________________________________
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26.a Know more about writing Essays
26.a Know more about writing Essays Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan, an Irish satirist, a playwright, poet, and long-term owner of the London Theatre Royal, Drury Lane had said, “Never say more than is necessary.” This statement is very much apt for writing an essay. What is an Essay? Referring to the above site, Essays have been defined as “Brief, nonfiction compositions that describe, clarify, argue, or analyse a subject.” Writing an Essay From Primary classes of the schools to the admissions in prestigious Management Schools to the Research levels, Essays are required to be written in one form or the other. While the Primary Schools may ask their students to write essays on such mundane subjects as A Cow or Rainy day or First Day in the School; the topics go on becoming complicated as the students ascend the ladder of their academics. In general, writing an essay may be taken as a cumbersome task but it is really not so. The students just need to follow some easy tips given here to make it really easy for them. Types of Essay However, before we take up the nuances of writing essays, let us explore the types of essays. Mainly, these are categorized as follows: 1.   1. Simple Essay- It is the most common type of essay and normally, written by the primary school students. They are required to write proper sentences about the given topic. The purpose is to develop their language and knowledge of the subject. 2.   Narrative or Descriptive Essay- As the word suggests, this essay narrates or describes a story, incident, journey, anecdote or some event. It is a test of the writer’s imagination and, in case of real story, capability of description. A good narrative essay will use plenty of adjectives and adverbs. It has to be full of in-depth details and the reader should be able to form a proper idea about the topic of the essay after reading it. In case of a narrative involving some characters, these should be properly developed. The three components of an essay, namely, Beginning, Body and Conclusion should be nicely built up. 3.   Argumentative Essay- These essays are required to be written at the senior levels. Here, an opinion, theory, statement, or a hypothesis is given that needs to be supported by the facts, information and arguments. Therefore, the first requirement of the writers is to familiarise themselves with the topic. It has to be followed by deep research. Sometimes, arguments need to be given and proved against the topic as well by quoting well-supported argumentative reasons. The entire purpose behind these essays is to truly convince the readers with the writers’ points of view in such a way that the readers can truly relate to it. However, there should be a logical sequence of the arguments laid therein for and against the topic. The conclusion should be firmly drawn balancing both the points of view. 4.   Persuasive Essay- These are similar to Argumentative Essay but have a softer tone. In these types of essays, the writer uses emotions and moral values in support of his argument instead of facts and information. However, here also the writer needs to do a good research about the topic and have a definite point of view. It has to be written with the particular type of reader in mind. The strongest points should be expressed first in the essay. Each paragraph should be built around one point. The conclusion should be clearly drawn. 5.   Analytical Essay- These types of Essays analyse an event, poem, play, book or cinema. It need not narrate its story but express the writer’s point of view about it. This can be positive or negative but has to be simple and well explained. After a brief introduction, analysis has to be given in the main body. It has to be followed by a well drawn-out conclusion. 6.   Expository Essay- These essays generally need to be written at the research level. The topic may involve literature, an article, some idea, process, or the events. It must explain the writer’s perspective about the topic. It has to entail time-taking research about it. The writer needs to cite all the sources of research, may it be some book or website or any write-up. Conclusion should be in agreement with the topic. It is its most important part because this clearly explains the writer’s point of view about the topic in totality. 7.   Comparison and contrast Essay- This essay compares two similar but different things. The writer needs to clearly bring up their similarities and differences separately. Sequential arrangement of various facts is most important. The conclusion has to be explanatory considering both the similarities and the contrast. 8.   Cause and effect Essay- Every cause has an effect. This type of essay builds a logical relationship between the two. Generally these topics come from Ecology and Politics. The writer needs to be well-prepared with the topic with various causes and their effect. A brief outline of different causes of a particular happening and their effects need to be prepared beforehand. In the essays, either the causes are listed and then effects are brought out separately or each cause may have its effect written together. 9.   Process Essay- This essay describes the procedure of something. It answers the question-“How to”. In these types of essays, after a brief introduction of the topic, step-by-step procedure is explained. The description should be lucid. These steps should be in the chronological order and not in any haphazard manner. It is advisable to write these essays in the second person.10. Reflective Essay- This essay takes personal experience of the writer and is shared with the readers. It is very important to explain it in an interesting manner. It should include all the details of before and after the event/ incident as also the lesson learnt or the inference drawn from it.#Essays #EssayWritingThis is first of the two-part article series about the essay writing. The writer hopes that you are going to like it. 
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26.b. Know more about writing Essays- Easy tips
26.b. Know more about writing Essays- Easy tips Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

7 Tips for writing an Essay 1.   1.Choose the topic wisely- Sometimes, one has to choose the topic on his or her own. In such cases, one must choose the topic about which he or she has adequate knowledge. In case, it has to be picked and chosen from the given alternatives, one must make the selection on the basis of his or her knowledge about it. In case the time permits, research may be done for the topic selected. 2.  2. Jot down the points- It is a very important step. Even if you have done some research or use your knowledge, don’t leave it to your memory. Jot down the main points and then arrange them in proper chronological order. Space can be left between them for filling in the details later. This is a very good way of writing an organised essay. 3.  3. Introductory Paragraph- This is the beginning of the essay. It should give effective introduction of the topic. It may be started with a relevant quotation or some statistical information or a story or even summary of the essay. However, it should be able to grab the attention of the reader. If the title is in question form, it must properly explain its meaning. In short, this paragraph should make good headway and be able to arouse the reader’s interest to read the essay further. It should demonstrate focus of the essay. 4.   4.Thesis Statement- In case of the essay being written as part of the thesis, this portion gains special significance. It is very short but states the main idea of the essay. It reflects the writer’s perspective of the topic or the argument. Its position is near the end of the introductory paragraph. In a way it summarizes the topic and reflects the writer. 5.   5. Main Body of the Essay- The name is self-explanatory. It is the main part of the essay and has the content. It requires proper structuring. In case of a narrative, it must take the reader forward in a serial or chronological order. In the case of an argumentative essay, it must illustrate the argument fully well. In case, there is a counter-argument, it must also be explained subsequently with equal amount of details. It must bring out each jotted point in vivid detail. Each point must have its supporting detail. If required, suitable examples may be given to explain the case. 6.   6. Conclusion- It will end the essay. It has to give out an inference or a lesson learnt or summary of the essay. However, it needs to be built up of strong sentences to form a very good impression on the mind of the reader. In the case of Comparison and Contrast essays or Cause and Effect Essays, the Conclusion part of the essay gains special significance because here the proper inference is drawn. 7. 7.  The final touch- So, you think you have finished the essay and may submit it in a hurry. No, just pause and give it a final check. Some gaffe may waste your entire labour. You may give the final check for the following: a.    Spelling mistakes- It is no big deal. Spelling mistakes are common occurrence but may mar the show. b.    Grammatical mistakes- These are also very common. These are made at times in a hurry or sometimes in confusion. If working on a computer, some help may be taken from the software like Grammarly. c.    Order of the paragraphs- As you re-read, you may find, the paragraphs need to be rearranged to give the essay a better look. In case of the Process essays, this step is very important to be checked. d.    Give special focus to the Introduction and the Conclusion parts- These form the beginning and the end. Therefore, these need special attention. e.    Formatting- If some instructions have been given regarding its format, check that it is followed to the core. f.      Connection of the paragraphs- Transition from one paragraph to the next should be smooth. g.    It should reflect good writing skills- In my article, “Improving your writing skills”, I had given some tips for good writing skills. Please see that the essay gives a good introduction of your writing skills. Conclusion Well, if you have followed all the above tips in writing your essay, you and your readers must be very happy with the results. However, it needs a lot of practice to be a good writer. Here is wishing you best of luck for writing good essays.#Essays #EssayWriting #EssayWritingTips The author, R. C .Verma has consulted the following websites for writing this article: The author wants to have your opinion about this series of two articles. Kindly send an email to      
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25. Easy Tips for Paragraph Writing
25. Easy Tips for Paragraph Writing Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

These days, the biggest problem with the children in academics is that they just don't want to write. Writing practice of the paragraphs will help them towards better writing skills. Mr. William Zinsser, a journalist par excellence, non-fiction writer best known for his book, On Writing Well,has advised about writing the paragraphs as- “Keep your paragraphs short. Writing is visual - it catches the eye before it has a chance to catch the brain.” What is a Paragraph? It is part of a write-up, be it fiction or non-fiction, which it composes. All the articles, write-ups or stories have content. Paragraphs help to break this content into various sub-contents to make it interesting and easily readable. Each Paragraph comprises of related sentences that take sub-content forward gradually. The paragraph should be changed with each change of thought, idea or sub-plot in a story. Thus, all the paragraphs of content take the narrative forward. How much should be the length of a Paragraph and how many paragraphs should comprise a write-up? There is no fixed rule. It depends upon the narrative. How should each paragraph be structured? Generally, the opening sentence of a paragraph introduces topic of the paragraph. It is followed by the supporting sentence till the concluding sentence that ends the paragraph to transition it into another one nicely.   Requirements of good paragraphs 1.    Unity- Each paragraph should be narrating one idea or a sub-topic. Every sentence in the paragraph expresses that idea in some detail. It is ideal to start the paragraph with the key sentence- describing the topic/theme/ subject of the paragraph and then concluding it with a transition sentence for the next paragraph to connect properly with its first sentence. 2.    Order- The thought / sub-topics of the paragraphs need to have some logical sequence in the presentation. This sequence can be in the order of occurrence or importance of various ideas under the main topic. However, all the sentences must relate to the main topic of the paragraph. The sequence should be able to build the narrative nicely and appear to be logical. 3.    Variety- All the paragraphs can have different lengths and not necessarily be of the same construction. How to turn good paragraphs into great ones It depends upon how well we can engage the reader in our paragraph construction and their logical arrangement. The essential condition is that each paragraph should take the central idea or the narrative forward. When to change the paragraphs Each paragraph should be self-contained in terms of the sub-idea. In case, the topic has conflicting ideas or different points of view, these should be mentioned in the separate paragraphs. Similarly, if some new idea is to be presented then it should begin in the new paragraph. How to write single paragraphs If asked to write a single short Paragraph on any one topic, it can be treated like a short essay. The following tips can prove to be quite useful. Plan it well- Good planning is required for anything and everything. Generally, a topic or a prompt is given for building a paragraph on it. This has to make the central theme and all the sentences need to be built around it. For example, if the topic of the paragraph is about the idea of a perfect day, the attempt should be to make perfection to be the central idea of the paragraph. One should keep to the topic as far as possible. Collect all the relevant information- It is important to create an idea or resource bank of information about the topic. These can be in the form of some points and later organized to create a good paragraph. If it requires some digging up or research then do it. Structure the paragraph now- Logical order is the most required thing now. All the ideas, thoughts, and facts need to be arranged in proper order. However, it is better that instead of writing the paragraph straightaway, these points are arranged in serial order and then the paragraph is woven around these. Review of the paragraph- Once the paragraph has been completed, it is very important to check it for the spellings and grammatical errors. These glitches can spoil the entire hard work gone into writing the paragraph because these have a glare of their own. Similarly, punctuation and use of capital letters have their own importance. While reviewing the paragraph, due importance should be given to this side also. Style of writing- It is very important to have the same style of writing. If the narrative is in the third person then the first or the second person should not be used without proper reason. As far as possible, the usage of the same words should be avoided in the same sentence or nearby sentences. Synonyms are very good alternatives. Consistency- Consistency of the thought and idea is very important. If not taken care of, they impede the flow. If the narrative is in the active voice avoid using passive voice in between. Avoid using long sentences- Long sentences can be boring for the readers and their usage should be avoided. Completion- A final glance should be given to ensure that the idea behind the paragraph has been completely explained. However, it should not be too long also. If so, editing is the required job to do. Takeaways Breaking the narrative into logical paragraphs is a very important and thoughtful process. It gives semblance and logical flow to the entire exercise as also a great style to the written word. It definitely ensures good readability and once practiced properly, converts an average write up into a well-presented one. As for writing a single paragraph, the entire focus should be on the central theme or the prompt given or the topic. It should be properly woven around it. Reviewing it nicely is crucial and time should be kept for it. The author was inspired from the following website for writing this article. #WritingParagraphs #ParagraphWriting #Paragraphs   The author has given some creative ideas and tips on writing paragraphs or a single paragraph.        
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24.a.How to improve writing skills of the kids?
24.a.How to improve writing skills of the kids?                              Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

So, your kids don't want to write. They feel that it is a cumbersome exercise. Well, it is a problem with nearly all of them. How to bring them down to the writing table and, to write ultimately? They may have great knowledge but will be able to score only on the basis of their written expression. That's why it is very important for them to excel in written expression. This article gives you step-by-step details of accomplishing what you want in your child's written work.Writing The word ‘Writing’ has originated from the verb ‘To Write’. Merriam Webster dictionary defines the verb ‘To write’ as ‘the act or art of forming visible letters or characters’. Why write Writing is important to record the spoken word. Mankind owes its progress to the written texts of all the inventions and discoveries. It is the writing only that has preserved our ancient heritage and great history. Power of writing is very important to take us forward on the path of progress. Writing Skills ·      Writing skills are the ability to convey our thoughts and ideas in a written form. ·      It requires knowledge of letters, words, sentences and grammatical rules. ·      Knowledge of the language begins with knowing the letters or alphabet. ·      These letters join each other to make a meaningful combination called ‘Word’.  ·      ‘Words’ join each other to form the ‘sentences’. ·      The art of writing or skill involves correct and proper arrangement of the letters, words and the sentence to produce a decent write-up. ·      Writing skills are very important in life. Students may have all the knowledge in the world but they cannot prove it until expressed by way of good writing skills. How to teach writing skills to the children Writing is learnt at the toddler stage itself and is progressively developed through all the years of education and even later. Small children may be encouraged to just scribble. They may copy some shapes or use their imagination. You would be surprised to see that this scribbling would gradually take the shape and form of the letters. This process of evolution takes them to become greats like Shakespeare and Milton. Brief step-by-step details are follows: Toddlers’ stage- Active toddlers just need to catch hold of pencil, chalk, pen or any such writing device and a surface to draw or write upon. This may be your costly diary or old newspaper. They will begin to scribble the way they like. At this stage, it is important for them to hold the writing instrument properly and not injure them with it. They may observe a particular shape and try to copy it. For example, after seeing an apple, they may try to draw circles. Teach them at home even before the school: It is very important to prepare the child before sending them to the school. He or she should at least recognize letters. This may be followed by making them draw standing, slanting or lying down lines. Don’t worry if the lines are straight or irregular. Gradually letters such as an “A” or “B” may be taught. Reading and writing go together If you read with the child and then ask him or her to write some letters of the words, he or she may pick up with some effort. For example, a picture of a dog with its name written may prompt the child to try making the letters D. Have patience Please remember this has to be in a joyful manner. Your anger or impatience may put them off. Don’t keep correcting them off and on. Just let them understand their own mistakes or tell them sweetly about it. It is a slow process for them. They are just raw. Don’t expect them to be the masters from the first day. Pre-school- These toddlers go to a pre-school. Here, they learn in a playful manner. Their teacher is properly trained to teach them. With the passage of time, you would be surprised to see properly written alphabets in their notebooks. They will enjoy learning new words with the help of Montessori games, models and pictures. Soon they will develop a vocabulary of small 2-letter and 3-letter words. They also use Phonics to learn the words with the help of their sounds. They are taught to write these small words and even their names at this stage.  Primary School- Before this stage, they have built a very small vocabulary of their own and know how to write some of these words as well, though it may vary from child-to-child. This is the stage where their study of various subjects begins. Their vocabulary and sentence-making prowess grows at each level from classes 1 through 5. They also need to learn spellings; add more and more words in their vocabulary; and, know and use proper grammatical and punctuation rules. They also need to pick up speed and accuracy besides good hand-writing from this stage onwards. This verbal as well as written command on the language stands them in good stead. Proper writing expresses their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. This is the stage where they have to begin with some creative writing, as well. Junior School onward- As for the writing skills, if they have learnt and practised it at the Primary level then junior, secondary, senior secondary, graduation, post-graduation and even research levels require the students to keep developing the language skills, as much as possible. It can only be said that more the proficiency in writing skills, better would be the academic performance of the students. As explained earlier, written word is the only medium to ultimately prove the students’ command on the subject-matter. You can appreciate that, two students, ‘A’ and ‘B’ may respond very well verbally in the class. One of them may even have better knowledge of the subject but any kind of inability in writing, such as- ·      Improper expression ·      Bad Grammar ·      Poor or illegible Handwriting ·      Spelling mistakes ·      Wrong usage of the words ·      Other miscellaneous writing shortcomings -may take away the advantage of good academic performance from him or her. Admission Tests- Prowess of good writing with good knowledge of the subject matter proves to be elixir for admission to the Professional courses, foreign universities, or sometimes, even for employment also. Recruitment examinations for banks, railways etc. are good examples. Educational institutions in many countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and many other countries specifically consider scores of language examinations like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Writing skills form one of the important parameters in these examinations. # HowToImproveWritingSkills #EnglishWritingSkills #AcademicWritingSkills #ImportanceOfWritingSkillsOne can refer to the following website for more intricate details on the subject. The writer R. C. Verma has laid emphasis on good writing skills in this series of two articles. Please post your comments in the box or mail to 
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24.b.10 amazing tips for developing writing skills of the children
24.b.10 amazing tips for developing writing skills of the children Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

Having talked in detail about the importance of writing skills, we must consider various ways for effective development of the writing skills of the children. We can begin with the school stage and can go on progressively. Please remember an early start gives the advantage of being ahead, provided the pace is maintained. Some basic tips are as follows: 1. Vocabulary book- It is a very good way of developing a vocabulary for your children, especially the little ones. When they read, they are bound to come across some difficult words. Make a copy for them with separate pages for different letters. They have to write that word and its meaning on the page starting with its opening letter. For example, ‘Elephants’ has to be written on page E. They create their own dictionary of useful words in this manner. 2. Reading-Please encourage their reading habits at all levels of the academic journey. The more they read, the more ideas they get to write. It may not, necessarily, be their coursebook. A nice storybook may also teach them nicely about writing skills. Their vocabulary and spellings develop and so does grammatical understanding also. Remember, good writers, are good readers too. 3. Adopt a fun way- This is so true about the little ones as well as the grown-ups. Word games like Scrabble, crossword puzzles or other such fun ways can fuel great writing skills in an easy manner. 4. Handwriting- Good handwriting is very important. There are many exercise books available for this purpose. The children may be encouraged to write in these and practice good handwriting. It is best done at the pre-primary and primary levels. 5. Diary- A little older children, say junior level, may be encouraged to write a short account of their prominent daily activities in a diary. Believe me, initially, they may resist but once they get into the habit of writing a diary, it becomes a fun activity for them to read it after a few days. 6. Small letters or messages- Children may be encouraged to write small messages or letters to you or their relatives and friends. 7. Stories and poems- Encourage them to express their creative side in the form of a story or poem. Find out their interests and ask them to write about it. For example, your daughter may be obsessed with her doll. Tell her to give it a name, imagine it to be a little girl, and write about it. Praise it, even if it sounds absurd but do give your suggestions and let them develop it in their own way. 8. Give them clues- You can give them some clues and ask them to weave a story around it. It will be fun and keep them absorbed in a useful manner. You will not be able to believe how much it might have helped their writing skills. 9. Exchange notes with them- Write down messages for them and ask them to reply back. 10. Follow up - Keep a proper check on their writing. Keep pointing out their mistakes. Ask them to correct these. They may also be encouraged to improve upon their handwriting. Don’t let them carry on with the grammatical, spelling, punctuation, or any other mistakes. Whenever required, ask them for improvement in the writing styles as well.  Writing is an important practical life skill. While developing great writing skills requires lots of time and patience, you can help your child with these simple writing exercises for kids. Conclusion            Writing skills are very important for the students to march ahead in the academic journey. It helps them immensely in later professional life as well as they get equipped with very important tools required for the success of any endeavor that they may undertake.  # WritingSkills #ImprovingWritingSkills #TipsForWritingSkills #GoodWritingSkills The writer  has taken inspiration from the following website:   The writer R. C. Verma has laid emphasis on good writing skills in this series of two articles. Please post your comments in the box or mail to  
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23.a. Has your child become a couch potato
23.a. Has your child become a couch potato Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

Bob finished his online classes; picked up the remote and lied down on the bed. His mother, Martha came in the room with his lunch. He took sandwiches and started gulping it down with eyes fixed on his favourite program on the television.Martha tried to make him sleep. He feigned to sleep for some time but as she went out, he switched on the television again to watch his favourite show. It was a daily routine for him and was not limited to any one programme. He just wanted to do nothing except lying down all the time with T.V. Remote in his hand and eyes glued to the television. He was showing poor academic performance and his body weight had gone up drastically. Everybody tried to reason out with him but to no avail.It had its drastic effect. Bob appeared in the examination but when the results came, nobody was surprised to see that he had failed in four subjects. Lately, he had started experiencing eye problems, headaches, digestion problems and loss of stamina. His parents took him to a doctor who got to know about his affliction and told his father that many kids, like him suffer with this problematic habit. He strictly instructed Bob not to watch Television for more than one hour. Bob had learnt his lesson. He decided to go by the advice.  This story is not very uncommon today. Our children are becoming ‘couch potatoes’ or lazy ones.What is a ‘Couch Potato’?According to it is the name given to a person who spends too much time watching Television with negligible physical exercise.What are the harms of being a ‘Couch Potato’?According to it is really very harmful for a person to become lazy. It is a fact that our organs function to the best of their capacity only when used properly. For example, if we stop using even one finger for a few days, it will not be fully functional when we want it. Therefore, the following damages may set into our body, sooner or later.Eye Problems- Regular watching the screen may impair the eyes badly. It is a common sight to see the little children wearing thick glasses.Less Oxygen intake- Body’s intake of fresh Oxygen increases in case of the physical activity. However, the couch potatoes hardly move out to take in more oxygen which is so very important for normal functioning of lungs and other internal organs.Diabetes- Since sugar is not fully burnt in the body, insulin levels may rise and Diabetes is the natural outcome.Hypertension- Sitting for a long period may cause hypertension and building of bad Cholesterol or LDL and in worst circumstances, may even lead to the cardiac problems, details of which follow.Cardiac problems- Heart is used for pumping the blood. Flow of blood becomes slow in a person taking up a sedentary lifestyle. Fats are not burnt fully and the fatty acids may clog the heart. Cardiovascular diseases are the natural outcome.Cancer- Prolonged sitting may even lead to cancer of various internal organs.Reduction in the Hormonal Activity- Active brain triggers hormonal flow. If the person is sitting idle, his or her brain is least active and affects this function leading to serious complications. It may cause negative feelings like anxiety, boredom, depression, frustration etc.Body aches- Muscles may stiffen because of the very limited movement, and result into pains and aches.Problems in the feet- Sitting for a long duration slows down the blood circulation that may cause numbness. The person may even find difficulty to stand up and walk after being inactive for a long duration.Back Problems- Lying down for a long period may cause serious spine problems.What about the children? Well, the children are no exceptions. They may not face such drastic effects because of being in the growing stages. However, Juvenile Diabetes, cardiac problems, obesity, even hypertension are affecting the children are getting common. It is the sad fact of our times that because of Covid 19 pandemic, the children are getting far-far away from physical sports, games and exercises. It is true that young adults take to the gym activity with time but still, television, computers, internet, social media; chatting and virtual games spin a very attractive web for our young children that entangle them drastically.# CouchPotatoKids #CouchPotatoChildren #InactiveChildren #LazyChildrenThe author R.C. Verma has taken up this topic to point out the dangers of kids becoming inactive and lazy. There are some tips in this series of two articles. Please post your views in the comment box or mail to
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23.b. How to stop your child from becoming couch potato?
23.b. How to stop your child from becoming couch potato? Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

  A couch potato gets the child into a vicious cycle of lethargy and inaction that can lead to many health problems. Read all about it in the author’s article “23.a. Has your child become a couch potato?” on this very blog.  Amanda either slept or transported herself from one screen to another lying down on one couch or the other. She had gained     10 kilos and was getting dull, physically as well as mentally.         Her parents had not cared for some time. They allowed her to have some leisure time but this was getting from bad to worst.     Her mother turned to Laura, a friend for advice and what she got is shared here in the nutshell. Just 5 tricks for the Parents1.  Fix their routine- Allowing your child to keep lying on the bed even at 11 o'clock is not good for them. A disciplined life is good for everybody. They must follow a fixed routine even on a holiday.2.  Interact with them- This is very important. If you leave them on their own and expect them to be ideally disciplined children, then don't mind, you have chosen to live in a fool's paradise. Believe me, your active involvement with them can do wonders for them. It will definitely not let them become lethargic anymore or getting hooked to the screen. They become couch potatoes because of having nothing better to do. Yes, you will also have to reduce your screen viewing time. Your favorite programs on the telly will need to take a back seat. You can play some indoor games like carom, chess, ludo, scrabble, etc. They need your guidance all the time. 3.  Fix their study schedule- Well begun is half done. A schedule, if made, will definitely be followed. It will help you keep track of their academic journey. Encourage them to perform well.      Clear their concepts. Arouse their interest in the studies. 4. Physical Activity- Schedule their physical activity as well. An exercise routine is a must.5. Involve them in-home tasks- Home tasks do not mean only the academic ones only. So many things are done at home and the children can be involved in it. Give them specific responsibilities like arranging the table or bed or cleaning. Send them to buy things from the local market. They will learn a lot and will get away from the ‘couches’ to become ‘potatoes’.Just 5 Tips for the children1. Limit your screen viewing time- Unfortunately, the corona pandemic has brought the school into mobile phones, laptops, and computers. That will continue for some more time.  This screen-time cannot be cut down for the sake of the studies. Therefore, reduce the time spent watching the television, chatting, and playing computer games.2.  Physical Exercises-  Yes, outdoor playing with your friends is out of the question for the time being but nobody stops you from physical exercises. Make it a routine. Running, jogging, swimming, walking, and Yoga taking care of the social distancing will help boost your immune system immensely.3.  Make academic activity a priority- Academics should always be your prime focus. These are highly competitive times. Concentrate to grasp the subject and increase the conceptual understanding. Be a shining star.4.     Read more books- Books can be your best friends. Even good stories can teach you important lessons. Reading is a very good hobby and can help you learn so much in so many areas.5. Interact with the elders- Your elders are rich mines of experience. You can gain a lot of practical knowledge from them. Spend more quality time with them.TakeawayGive your child things to do. Don't allow too much of the screen time. Don't let it become an addiction. It is harmful for their health and studies. Co-curricular and physical activities are the best antidotes to save them from this affliction.            #couchpotatoChildren #LazyChildren #InactiveChildren                     #ParentingTips #ParentingAdviceThe author R.C. Verma has taken up this topic to point out the dangers of kids becoming inactive and lazy. Please post your views in the comment box or mail to     
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22. Your child needs goals to go ahead
22. Your child needs goals to go ahead Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

  Ishaan was very sad on coming back from the school. On being asked the reason, he told his mother that he came last in the practice race for the Sports Day. All his friends made fun of him. His mother consoled and encouraged him to find out the reason. Ishaan thought over it and concluded that he had participated in the race without any determination or plans. His mother told him, “Work hard for the Sports Day. Your target is first prize.” Ishaan made up his mind and wrote on a piece of paper “I will win the first prize on the Sports Day.” He began practicing for it. Every day he noted his time and made it a point to improve upon it. His mother gave him healthy diet. He pinned the paper on the front wall and kept looking at it. It firmed up his resolve. On the Sports Day, he did not have any doubt in his mind. He ran with all his might and was the first to reach the winning line. All his friends cheered him up. He realized the importance of setting goals and following it. Well, this tells the importance of having a goal in our lives. Life becomes a rudderless boat without goal. They help us set the path for moving forward and guide the person to chart a proper course for achieving success. What is a GOAL? Goal or aim is the destination where we want to reach. We cannot even make travel plans; leave aside the practical travelling, unless the destination is clear in mind. If knowing the destination is so important even for a single travel plan; one can imagine its importance in the journey of life. Goals for kids The story given in beginning of this article is about a very simple race but believe me, the times are tough and the future is going to be even tougher for our kids. They will have to run many races, face multifarious challenges and pass through a series of examinations. They have to set up goals in life and develop goal-setting competencies. Sooner they start, better they would be placed. These goals cannot be accomplished until these are split into smaller and still smaller ones. It can be done on the time basis i.e. yearly to monthly to weekly to daily basis or any other basis as per the suitability. All it requires is its strict follow up and execution. Modus operandi Goal Sheets- The children need to have goal sheets with mention of various targets in a clear cut manner. For example-Weekly goal sheet: Date Week Day Target Achievement 6th July Monday Completion of Home tasks; study as per class schedule; prepare for the next day Done 7th July Tuesday Completion of Home tasks; study as per class schedule; prepare for the next day Done 8th July Wednesday Completion of Home tasks; study as per class schedule; prepare for the next day Done 9th July Thursday Completion of Home tasks; study as per class schedule; prepare for the next day Done 10th July Friday Completion of Home tasks; study as per class schedule; prepare for the next day Done 11th July Saturday Completion of Home tasks; study as per class schedule; prepare for the next day Done 12th July Sunday Revision of the previous week’s work; preparation of the next week’s schedule; Preparation for the next day; Study as per class schedule Done Review for the week + Preparation for the tests or examinations Monitoring- Monitoring of the goals achieved or left, is very important. It would require revision as per the requirement. Sometimes, the child may fall sick and something may be left out. That needs to be added to the next week. Sometimes, tests or examinations may require extra preparation. However, it must be ensured that at no point targets are left alone i.e. not monitored. From weekly these may be translated on the monthly and annual basis for effective results. Goal reminders- Children associate with visuals easily. Tower blocks can be drawn up for them. Target tower is drawn completely. Just adjacent to it, accomplishment tower can be drawn block-by-block as per the target achieved. For example, English tower has 8 blocks as per the number of lessons. Now, in the accomplishment tower, one block after the other is drawn after finishing each lesson. Celebrating success- Children enjoy celebrations. It can be a small scoop of Ice-cream or a chocolate. Do celebrate their accomplishing the targets. It would give them the impetus to continue making and adhering to the targets. Conclusion Goal-setting and execution should become a life-long habit with them. It would equip them professionally and help in their jobs, profession or business. It is very important to let them develop competency to set up their tangible goals and follow. Once it is followed regularly, it will become their second nature and success is bound to follow them at every step of the life.#Goals #GoalsForChildren #GoalsForStudents #ImportanceOfGoalsInLife  R. C. VermaThe author has mentioned the importance of having goals in life. It is particularly true for the children who have to face challenges in future. Please post your views. My mail id: .  
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21. 10 Amazing tips to make your child a super-kid
21. 10 Amazing tips to make your child a super-kid Education 2020 RSS Feed EDUCATION 2020 RSS FEED  #EDUCATION #EDUCRATSWEB | In this article, you can see photos & images. Moreover, you can see new wallpapers, pics, images, and pictures for free download. On top of that, you can see other  pictures & photos for download. For more images visit my website and download photos.

Believe me it is not difficult at all. Super kid is nothing but a multi-faceted child who is excellent in anything and everything. Times need a person to be endowed with many skill-sets.Therefore, a super kid is nothing but a balanced mix of being:Academically bright  Ace in co-curricular activitiesChampion in sportsAble to take on the challenges with a smileEthicalDisciplinedRespectful and affectionatePassionateSincereHow to raise one?Simple! Encourage them to chase excellence, the rest will follow.1.    Studies are the first priorityAcquiring true knowledge with the conceptual understanding can only make them touch base with a good life. Regular studies and nice expressive power gives them success. Efforts should be made from a very early stage to make success the second nature of the children.Requirements-Proper grasp of the subjectCompletion of the home tasks and projects  Good command over the languagesRegular practice of the Mathematics2.    Set up big tangible targetsNo small targets for false satisfaction, please! Keep their adrenaline flow high! Encourage them to conquer one peak after the other. As American author, spiritual leader, politician, and activist, Marianne Williamson has aptly said, “The top of one mountain is always the bottom of another.”Children must-Envisage their targetsDivide these into small onesKeep achieving one after another3.    Let the child fallEasier said than done! We love them too much, don’t we? Our first impulse is to solve their problems but are we going to be with them all the time? They must learn to get up after falling down. Don’t be their crutches. Walking with crutches is not normal. Let them fight their own battles to explore their strengths and develop the art of decision-making.4.    Social SkillsSocial skills develop team spirit in them and ease their tasks. Besides, it makes the children popular among their peers and helps them learn synchronization.5.    Give them tasksMany of us boast, “Oh! We don’t allow our daughter to work at home. Servants are there at her beck and call.” or “My son doesn’t have to do a thing. I ask him to just study and play. Home tasks, no-no, not for him!” Such parents just spoil their kids. Actually, the responsibilities make them mature and fulfilling these make them happy. Don’t worry for the small losses or misplacements, if any.6.    Be with themYou may have carried office work to home; may be loaded with the problems; have home chores to do or a good TV programme to watch.Believe me, everything can wait because your quality time is precious for your children. They cherish it. Talk about their day, friends and their small world. Leave them on their own and you may never know about the important things happening in their lives which may lead to disastrous results.7.    Make your home a heaven to live in“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” What would your quarrels teach them? They may carry it forward and grow up to be disturbed people causing more harm to the society. Most of the criminals or terrorists may be having neglected childhood with a war-zone of a home.Maintain, peaceful, loving home which is full of prayers. “A family that prays together stays together.” Not only that, it blossoms into happy homes because the children carry it forward when they set up their own homes. 8.    Praise them, but don’t overdo“Oh boy, you are a genius. Why do you need to study?” or “Your dance is ultimate. When did you learn so proficiently?” Do these sentences actually encourage them? They, rather, kill their growth potential because such praise sets in false satisfaction. Acclaim their merit but also encourage them to learn, practice and improve.9.    Discipline is important but not in excessRemember, your children are not the zombies but human beings. Respect their emotions. Mould them but don’t be a hard task-master.10.Sports are important too.Physical sports are crucial to maintain good health, agility, quick reflexes and fitness. Make sports a part of your children’s lives.TakeawayKeep faith. Raising Super-kids is super-cool.#SuperKids #HolisticChildren #AmazingKids #DoSuperKidsExist #HowToRaiseSuperKids #TipsToRaiseSuperKids #WaysToRaiseHolisticChildren #SmartKids #SmartChildren #BrilliantChildren Was the article helpful? Do you believe that super-kids are the need of the hour? Please express your opinion about it in the comment box or mail to: vermarajesh55@gmail.comThe author hopes that the tips would be helpful in the proper development of the child. For anymore idea, the following website would be quite helpful too.   .
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