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Gita Jayanti – “the Gita the manual for life”

What is Gita Jayanti? In present days, the word “jayanti” is loosely used for someone’s birthday. However, this word is not meant for mortal beings. What most people don’t know about Gita jayanti is, when Lord Krishna spoke the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, it was not the first time that He spoke it. Gita jayanti [...]

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Festival of Colours – Holi

Holi is a colorful and most fun-filled festival which is celebrated in the month of March, usually in the latter half of the month. It is a festival, with dancing, singing, and throwing of powder paint and colored water. Numerous legends and stories associated with Holi celebration makes the festival more exuberant and vivid. The [...]

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Navdurga, Navratri and Nine colours

Navratri is one of the most auspicious Hindu festivals. Navratri means “Nine Nights”, and celebration of Goddess Durga in her nine different forms on the scheduled nine days. The Navratri festival celebration is very colourful. People keep fast for these 9 days and enjoy with full enthusiasm. Navdurga which means Nine Durga is the manifestation of Durga in [...]

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A celebration of Friendship (Rakshabandhan)

The Gujarat Hindu Society in Preston hosted a Raksha Bandhan event in partnership with the Armed Forces Hindu Network. The traditional ceremony marks the tying of a thread between brother and sister signifying a bond between them. The mayor of Preston Councillor Trevor Hart was in attendance alongside invited guests from across the region. There was [...]

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Golden Milestone project celebration – 50 years of golden memories

GHS Milestone project celebration The project is to record the history and memories of Gujarat Hindu Society over a period of 50 years closely linked with cultural, traditions and their settlement in Preston and a huge success as a social enterprise recognized throughout the region. GHS main hall was decorated with vibrant flowers and there [...]

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Do you know enough about Chaitra Navratri & Ramnavmi?

It certainly feels like winter has outstayed its visit. Take for instance our first ever crisp Holi or #Snoli…which, the GHS Preston celebrated grandly despite the icy floor. Thank you, to GHS Preston management committee for organising #Snoli2018! A Big thank you to the Hari-Bhakto/devotees, for embracing the chilly winds of the east and attending [...]

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India’s Republic Day Celebration at Gujarat Hindu Society

On Friday 26th January about 50 people gathered in our main hall to salute the Indian Flag and sing some popular songs related to the flag and its colors. This is 43rd year we have raised the Indian Flag since we bought the center in 1975. GHS has always been proud of its heritage and [...]

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Saheli Sangathan- A Women Empowerment Initiative

A group has been formed where ladies get together and chat about a number of topics; this could be personal, job related or just interest and hobbies. The ladies feel free to be themselves and share their experiences. I have been part of this group since it started back in January 2017, as a leader. [...]

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The Story of Tulsi Vivah

The Tulsi plant is a variety of the spice we know as basil. The story of Tulsi and the holiday known as Tusli Vivaha is wonderfully symbolic story that resonates even today. Tulsi Vivaha, is the mythical marriage of the tulsi plant and Krishna, is celebrated on the11th day of the bright half of the [...]

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Ganesh – The God of wisdom

Shri Ganesh Mahotsav is a ten-day Hindu festival celebrated to honour the elephant-headed God Ganesha’s birthday. He is the younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This year, August 25th marks the beginning of this festival which is also called as Vinayaka Chaturthi. Here are some details about the festival: The festival begins on [...]

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