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Celebrities Who Were Teenage Parents

While all celebrities are thrust into the pressure-packed arena of fame, nothing quite prepares anyone for having a child as a teenager. In fact, the celebrities who have had children at a young age are probably more prepared for fame than their peers. A newborn baby boy or girl tends to make one mature and grow up quickly.Teen parents never have it easy, and most of the celebs on our list achieved fame after getting pregnant so they were in the same boat as anyone else in the same situation. Read on to see how they handled things and how they navigated parenthood to find career success. [...]

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Vintage Photos Of Celebrities And Pro Athletes Partying

It's only correct all the celebrities from all walks of life gather together and make the rest of us jealous. They're the cool kids at Hollywood High, after all. Whether they're actors or pro athletes, famous people love meeting other famous people just as much as the rest of us. Events like the ESPYs, Oscars, Emmys, and other awards shows offer us a glimpse of what it would be like. We've found some prime shots over the years from inside these celeb parties and they don't disappoint. Here are some vintage (and some not-so-vintage) photos of celebrities and pro athletes partying together. [...]

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This 'Emily In Paris' Character Would Be Your Bestie, According To Your Zodiac Sign

If you're oblivious to your Instagram and Twitter feeds, Emily in Paris is all the rage right now. If we're honest, it's not a particularly great show, but somehow, it keeps people watching. After all, we're all stuck at home in 2020 and it's based in Paris. Also, the characters are pretty interesting and the clothes are to die for... but have we mentioned that it's set in Paris?!Created by Darren Star — the same genius behind the greats 90210 and Sex and the City — Emily in Paris revolves around a 20-something marketer named Emily who's sent to live and work in Paris after her boss gets unexpectedly pregnant. It doesn't take long for her to realize she's pretty much clueless about everything Paris, leading to countless mishaps and learning experiences. She meets friends along the way and a lover who sweeps her off her feet.Emily in Paris isn't exactly prestige television, but viewers have come to love the quirky characters, as frustrating as they can be. There's a tough-as-nails boss, a savage co-wor [...]

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Crossover TikTok Stars

In today’s world, it’s all about TikTok. Move over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook: You’ve officially been replaced by a newer and hotter social network. When the likes of IG and Twitter first became the cool, new thing, people, now known as influencers, pivoted to make a career off of their awe-inspiring photo skills. And, TikTok has taken and ran with that. To make it big on TikTok, you can be a comedian, a dancer, a singer, or a chef. As long as you have an entertaining concept, you’re likely to go viral and hit it big time. Now, many of these TikTokers have transcended just being Internet-famous for quick viral videos and are quickly taking over Hollywood and mainstream pop culture. While such stars initially saw their 15 minutes of fame rise over silly dance challenges or funny lip-syncing, they’ve since been able to transition that into a full-blown career through celebrity friendships, starring roles in movies, writing memoirs and self-help guides, and collaborating with some of the biggest [...]

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Hot Guys Who Made 2020 Just A Little Bit Okay

It's raining men in 2020, and we certainly aren't complaining about it. Mainly because it's the only good thing to happen this year. Are we right or are we right?Seriously, there's no shortage of hunky dudes in Hollywood. Whether you're into nerdy good guys, brooding bad boys, or chiseled Greek gods, there is a plethora of mega hotties to admire and lust after. These are the men who have dominated tinsel town all year long and for good reason. From making big-budget or critically acclaimed movies, to singing their hearts out, to taking over pop-culture, these hotties with a body have done it all with style, finesse, and charisma.Of course, A-list heartthrobs have been breaking and collecting hearts for decades. This isn't anything new. However, it's about time someone paid these studs the attention and respect they deserve... you know by putting them on an official list of hot guys who have made 2020 just a little bit okay.For that simple reason, we have compiled the ultimate list of the biggest heartthrobs f [...]

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These Zodiac Signs Should Avoid Watching 'Haunting Of Bly Manor' At All Costs

If people aren't watching Emily in Paris, they're most definitely tuning in for the Haunting of Bly Manor. A follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House, the recently released Netflix horror revolves around the many mysteries of a spooky UK mansion, except there's no Bent Neck Lady — only a faceless Lady in the Lake, which is, you know, just as bad if not worse.Just like popular anthology series American Horror Story, Bly Manor involves more or less the same cast as the previous Haunting season but tells a whole new story. It follows a young governess who heads to Bly Manor (situated in Essex, England) to look after two orphaned children, Miles and Flora Wingrave. During her stay, she starts witnessing supernatural activity and realizes the kids are being haunted by ghosts. It doesn't stop there, of course. By "many mysteries," we mean MANY. The housekeeper is skipping all her meals, the house chef claims the manor is "trapping people," and the deaths of the kids' parents are barely addressed for many episo [...]

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Hot Photos Of Famous Athletes Out Of Uniform

We've discussed how athletes want to be celebrities and celebrities want to be athletes. But the truth is everyone wants a taste of fame. Of course, if you're a world-class athlete, you're going to become a celebrity whether you like it or not. Going to the store is not in your future. Everything changes. And then, there are some athletes who are galactically earmarked for celebrity status — the beautiful ones. When you're a hot athlete, you don't even need to be that good. You can collect the endorsements based on your pretty face alone. Of course, it helps to be good. And it really helps to be great. Ask Michael Jordan. Here's a look at some of the world's best-looking athletes over the past 20 years out of their uniforms. [...]

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Pro Athletes Who Could Be Movie Stars

Some athletes are simply ticketed for huge success. The most successful become cultural icons who are just as famous as royalty or celebrities. Some even become world-renowned themselves, transcending sport. We're here to identify the athletes who could be movie stars today. A few have already dipped their proverbial toes in the waters of acting, while others simply fit the mold. Athletes who won't be included here are the ones who've already become legit Hollywood stars — the Dwayne Johnsons, Gina Caranos, and Dave Bautistas. We're also going to (mostly) avoid the WWE, which is a breeding ground for action stars since the days of Hulk Hogan. It's just too easy to pick wrestlers. So, check out which pro athletes we think could be movie stars. Maybe they're staggeringly good looking, or maybe their personalities are simply larger than life. [...]

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The Most Interesting Celebrity And Pro Athlete Friendships

Pro athletes want to be celebrities and celebrities want to be pro athletes. And the rest of us want to be either one. Meanwhile, the cool kids intermingle. In the United States, being famous is everything so it only makes sense everyone who fits the description belong to the same social circles. Athlete and celebrity friendships are an American tradition. This is the land of Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe. We don't have kings and queens. We have Oscar winners and batting champs. So, who are some of the famous friends today? There are too many to count, but we'll leave out the romances. These are some of the most interesting celebrity and pro athlete friendships. [...]

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Everything Coming And Going On Netflix In November 2020

The Thanksgiving month is coming. Christmas is next and the end of October means new content coming to Netflix. It's going to be a good November. New Netflix Original movies from Ron Howard (Hillbilly Elegy), and others, will please adults, while younger audiences should get excited for The Princess Switch: Switched Again with Vanessa Hudgens and The Christmas Chronicles 2.Netflix is also rolling out a few other exciting originals, as well. The Crown Season 4 will debut November 15. And the streamer is adding the latest season of American Horror Story, as well as the full catalogue of Dawson's Creek.Check out the top 15 most-anticipated new Netflix additions next month and, afterwards, the full list of everything coming and going on Netflix in November 2020. [...]

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