Encyclopedia of General Science for General Competitions (English, Paperback, Arihant Experts)

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Encyclopedia of General Science for General Competitions  (English, Paperback, Arihant Experts)Encyclopedia of General Science for General Competitions (English, Paperback, Arihant Experts) Price 245 132 46 % Off

Table of Contents of this Book

1. Units, Measurements and Errors
2. Motion
3. Force and Laws of Motion
4. Gravitation
5. Work, Power and Energy
6. Centre of Mass and Rotational Motion
7. Mechanical Properties of Solids
8. Mechanical Properties of Fluids
9. Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM)
10. Heat, Temperature and Thermodynamics
11. Wave Motion and Sound
12. Optics
13. Electrostatics
14. Current Electricity and its Effects
15. Magnetic Effect of Current and Magnetism
16. Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity
17. Semiconductors
18. Communication
19. Nanotechnology
20. Our Universe
Assessment (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. Matter and its States
2. Atomic Structure
3. Bonding and Chemical Reactions
4. Acids, Bases and Salts
5. Solutions and Colloids
6. Gaseous State
7. Chemical Kinetics and Equilibrium
8. Electrochemistry
9. Classification of Elements
10. Hydrogen and its Compounds
11. Metals and Their Compounds
12. Extraction of Solids
13. Non - Metals and Their Compounds
14. Fuels, Combustion and Flames
15. Organic Compounds
16. Food Chemistry
17. Chemistry in Everyday Life
Assessment (Multiple Choice Questions)

1. Diversity in Living World
2. Cell - Structure and Function
3. Cell Cycle and Cell Division
4. Tissue
5. Nutrition
6. Plant Morphology and Physiology
7. Reproduction
8. Systems of Human Body
9. Genetics
10. Heredity and Evolution
11. Health and Diseases
12. Introduction to Biotechnology
13. Environment and its Effects
14. Ecology and Ecosystem
15. Agriculture Science
16. Animal Husbandry
17. Economic Botany
18. Economic Zoology
Assessment (Multiple Choice Questions)

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