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Data Entry Operator

The BELTRON Data Entry Operator (DEO) Exam for 2024 is conducted by the Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation Limited. Here are the key details about the recruitment process:

Important Dates

  • Application Start Date: February 20, 2024
  • Application End Date: March 15, 2024
  • Exam Date: To be announced

Eligibility Criteria

  • Educational Qualification: Candidates must have completed 10+2 (Intermediate) and a one-year computer course. Additionally, candidates must have typing experience in Hindi or English. Alternatively, candidates can have a 400-hour Domestic Data Entry Operator (DDEO) computer training certification from the Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM)​ (GetMyUni)​​ (SarkariResult)​.

Application Process

  1. Visit the official BELTRON website.
  2. Navigate to the recruitment section and find the DEO recruitment notification.
  3. Read the eligibility criteria and other instructions carefully.
  4. Fill out the online application form and upload the required documents.
  5. Pay the application fee (INR 1000 for General/OBC/EBC, INR 250 for SC/ST/PH/Female candidates).
  6. Submit the application and take a printout for future reference​ (SARKARI RESULT)​​ (SarkariResult)​.

Exam Pattern

  1. Computer-Based Test (CBT): The exam includes objective-type questions from subjects like Reasoning, English, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Knowledge. The total marks for the CBT are 100.
  2. Typing Test: Candidates will need to pass a typing test in Hindi (25 wpm) or English (30 wpm)​ (GetMyUni)​​ (GetMyUni)​.

Age Limit

  • Minimum Age: 18 years
  • Maximum Age: 59 years (with age relaxation as per government rules)​ (SARKARI RESULT)​​ (SarkariResult)​.

For more details and to apply online, you can visit the official BELTRON website​ (SARKARI RESULT)​​ (SarkariResult)​.

Details of Below Practice Set

Duration : 60 Minutes
Negative Marking : 0%
Useful for Beltron (Bihar) exam
Medium of Practice Set English
Cost of this Practice Set : Rs 0
This Practice set consist of following topics : Computer Studies (65) | Total Question 65

  • Do not use Back and Refresh Button
  • Cost of Practice Set : Rs. 0
Top Scorer
  1. GUEST USER gotted 14% on dated Wednesday June 12 2024

Data Entry Operator

What is the shortcut key to paste content from the clipboard in Windows?

A Ctrl + V
B Ctrl + P
C Ctrl + C
D Ctrl + X

Which of the following is an example of an output device?

A Keyboard
B Mouse
C Monitor
D Scanner

What does HTML stand for?

A Hyper Tool Markup Language
B Hyper Text Markup Language
C Hyperlinks and Text Markup Language
D High-level Text Markup Language

Which of the following file extensions represents a spreadsheet file?

A .docx
B .xlsx
C .pptx
D .txt

What is the function of the CTRL + Z shortcut key?

A Cut
B Undo
C Copy
D Paste

In Microsoft Excel, what function would you use to find the highest value in a range of cells?


What does CSV stand for?

A Comma-Separated Values
B Computer System Validation
C Common Source Versioning
D Code Structured Variables

Which of the following is a data validation technique?

A Data compression
B Data encryption
C Data scrubbing
D Data verification

What is the purpose of a pivot table in Excel?

A To calculate averages
B To create charts
C To summarize and analyze data
D To sort data alphabetically

What is the correct sequence of steps to sort data in Microsoft Excel?

A Select data range, click on the Sort button, choose sorting options
B Select data range, choose sorting options, click on the Sort button
C Choose sorting options, select data range, click on the Sort button
D Click on the Sort button, select data range, choose sorting options

What does “F” mean on the F1, F2, F3, F4, etc. keyboard keys?

A Find
B File
C Format
D Function

Which software is commonly used for data entry tasks?

A Microsoft Word
B Microsoft Excel
C Adobe Photoshop
D Mozilla Firefox

What does the term “data validation” refer to in the context of data entry?

A Checking for data accuracy
B Ensuring data security
C Verifying data integrity
D Validating user input against specified criteria

Which keyboard shortcut is used to copy selected data?

A Ctrl + C
B Ctrl + V
C Ctrl + X
D Ctrl + Z

What is the purpose of using filters in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel?

A To apply formatting to cells
B To perform calculations
C To organize and manipulate data
D To create charts and graph

The part of a computer that coordinates all its functions is called 

A ROM program
B System Board
C Arithmetic Logic Unit
D Control unit

A computer cannot boot if it does not have the

A Compiler
B Loader
C Operating System
D Assembler

A right-click on the desktop itself will?

A Open the display properties dialogue box
B Show a context-sensitive menu
C Open the control panel
D Minimize all open applications

By default, MS-PowerPoint 365 presentations are saved with which of the following extensions?

A .xps
B .pptm
C .pptx
D .ppt

Weight refers to _________.

A The height of the printed character
B The design and appearance of characters
C Upright or slanted shape
D The print density of characters

When you are typing an equation into a cell the first thing that must be entered is _________.

A Parenthesis
B The first cell referenced
C Quotation marks
D An equal sign

You can copy data or formulas _________.

A With buttons on the standard toolbar
B With commands on a shortcut menu
C With the copy, paste and cut commands on the edit menu
D All of these

Test Which of the following options is not available in Insert >> Picture?

A Chart
B Clip Art
C Graph
D Word Art

When you see a cell with a red triangle in the top right corner, what does this signify?

A The font color for text in the cell is red
B A formula cannot be entered into the cell
C There is a comment associated with the cell
D There is an error in the cell

Which command be used to ask you to confirm that you want to delete the directory?

A Erase .
B Del ./p
C Deltree
D Deltree/f

Which command is used to delete all the files with extension .txt on the current drive and directory?

A Erase .txt
B Del .txt
C Del ./p
D Del *.txt

When you use the fill effects in the format data series dialog box, you cannot _________.

A Select a foreground color
B Select a background color
C Rotate text on the chart
D Select a pattern

When you want to insert a blank embedded excel object in a Word document, you can _________.

A Click the office links button on the standard toolbar
B Click the object command on the insert menu
C Click the create worksheet button on the formatting toolbar
D Click the import excel command on the file menu

Which of the following is not an option in the spelling dialog box?

A Edit
B Change
C Ignore all
D Ignore

The accounting style shows negative numbers in _________.

A Bold
B Quotes
C Parentheses
D Brackets

To select a column, the easiest method is to _________.

A Drag from the top cell in the column to the last cell in the column
B Double click any cell in the column
C Click the column label
D Click the column heading

A _________ is a group of cells that form a rectangle on the screen.

A Range address
B Calculation
C Formula
D Range

What is the main advantage of networking?

A Sharing of data
B Sharing of peripherals
C Interactive data transfer
D All of these

You cannot close MS Word application by _________.

A Press Alt+F4
B Choosing File menu then Exit submenu
C Click X button on title bar
D From File menu choose Close submenu

State whether true of false about both statements -i) A worm mails a copy of itself to other systems. ii) A worm executes a copy of itself on another system.

A False, True
B False, False
C True, False
D True, True

Which command is used to see the version?

A Version
B Ver
C Verson
D None of above

Which switch should be used in the DIR command to view files in all directories?

A /s
B /l
C /p
D /w

which command is used to copy all files with extension .txt into one file named all.txt?

A Copy *.txt a:
B Copy *.txt all.txt
C Copy a: *.txt
D Copy *.txt c:

Excel uses the _________ Function when creating a data table.

A Sum
B Table
C Average
D Count

What is one of the factors that has contributed to the growth of the IT/ITeS industry in India?

A Government opposition to IT industry
B Lack of skilled workforce
C Increasing globalization
D High cost compared to developed countries

Which government initiative in India focuses on transforming the country into a digitally empowered society?

A Make in India
B Digital India
C Startup India
D Skill India

What is one key aspect of the Make in India initiative by the Indian government?

A Reduce foreign investment
B Promote local manufacturing
C Increase import taxes
D Stifle employment opportunities

What is a key responsibility of data entry operators in terms of confidentiality and data security?

A Troubleshooting errors
B Communicating effectively with team members
C Organizing and managing files
D Following privacy policies, access restrictions, and confidentiality agreements

What is a crucial aspect of troubleshooting errors for data entry operators?

A Striving for continuous improvement
B Communicating effectively with team members
C Organizing and managing files
D Identifying the source of the error and correcting inaccuraciesTop of Form

How to remove borders applied in Cells? 

A Select None on the Border tab of Format cells
B Open the list on the Border tool in the Format Cell toolbar then choose the first tool (none)
C Both of above
D None of above

_____ is not a valid data type in MS Excel. 

A Number
B Character
C Label
D Date/ Time

What is MS Excel?

A Spreadsheet
B Database Management
C Presentation
D Workbook

What is the row limit of MS Excel 2019? 

A 4,81,0576
B 1,048,576
C 1,57,648
D 1,63, 84

In Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, rows are designated as _______.

A 1, 2, 3,...
B A, B, C,...
C A1, B1, C1, ....
D I, II, III,...

_____ logical function indicates TRUE only if all arguments are assessed as TRUE, and FALSE otherwise.


The intersection of a column and a row in a worksheet is called____

A Column
B Address
C Value
D Cell

The Greater Than sign (>) exemplifies a/an _____ operator.

A Arithmetic
B Conditional
C Logical
D Greater

____ is the correct syntax of IF() Function. 

A =IF (logical_test, TRUE([value_if_true]), FALSE([value_if_false]))
B =IF (logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])
C =IF (logical_test, {[value_if_true]}, {[value_if_false]})
D =IF (logical_test: [value_if_true], [value_if_false])

___is the function used to match multiple values and returns the first match in Windows/ MAC(if you have Office 2019, or if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription) 

A IF()

____ type of chart is good for a single series of data. 

A Column chart
B Cone chart
C Line chart
D Pie chart

What do Excel formulas start with? 

A /
B f
C =
D -

What is an Excel feature that displays only the data in column (s) according to specified criteria? 

A Filtering
B Sorting
C Formula
D Pivot

____ is not a function in Excel. 


_____ Excel function returns TRUE or FALSE based on two or more conditions


Why is the =COUNTIF function in Excel used? 

A Counts cells as specified
B Counts blank cells in a range
C Counts cells with numbers in a range
D Returns values based on a TRUE or FALSE condition

What happens when you click on CTRL + X after selecting some cells in Excel? 

A The cell content of selected cells disappears from the cell and is stored in a clipboard
B Value in the cells selected is marked for cutting
C The selected cells are deleted and the cells are shifted left
D The selected cells are deleted and cells are shifted up

___ is the programming language used to write a Macro in MS Excel.

A Visual Basic
B C+
C Java
D C++

Which keyboard shortcut is used to easily switch open workbooks?

A Alt+S

____ happens when you select a cell in MS Excel and type “=B25”

A The selected cell will show an error message
B Selected cells will show “=B24”
C Selected cells will show the same value as in B25
D Selected cells will be blank

In Excel, what does the function COUNTA() do?

A Counts the number of cells in a range that are not blank
B Counts the number of cells in a range that are greater than zero
C Counts the number of cells in a range that contain text
D Counts the total number of cells in a range
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