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Objective GK Questions for Class 3

Objective GK Questions for Class 3

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Duration : 60 Minutes
Negative Marking : 0%
Useful for Class - 3 exam
Medium of Practice Set English
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This Practice set consist of following topics : General Studies (30) | Total Question 30

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Objective GK Questions for Class 3

Which is the tallest building on the Earth ?

A Burj Khalifa
B Shanghai Tower
C Merdeka
D Lotte World Tower

Which is the largest country by area ?

A Canada
B Russia
C China
D India

What Does the Heart Pump ?

A Water
B Saliva
C Blood
D Oxygen

in which Country Efil Tower located ?

A France
C Rome
D Maxico

Who Invented the Light Bulb ?

A Michael Faraday
B Charles Babbage
C Taylor Swift
D Thomas Alva Edison

who discovered zero ?

A Aryabhatt
B Vedvyas
C maharshi Panini
D None of these

Which is the largest living animal in the world ?

A Elephant
B Giraffe
C Blue Whale
D Dolphin

Which is the longest river in the world ?

A Amazon River
B Nile River
C Mississippi River
D Yangtze River

In Cricket, how many stamps are there in each Wickets ?

A 2
B 3
C 5
D 7

Which is the second largest country by area ?

A China
B India
C Canada
D United States of America

Which country is known as the ‘ Land of White Elephant ‘ ?

A Nepal
B Indonesia
C Thailand
D Australia

Name of the highest mountain in the world ?

A K2
B kanchenjunga mountain
C Mount Everest
D Godwin Austen

Which one of the below as a root vegetable ?

A Carrot
B Cauliflower
C Onion
D Cabbage

which city is located ‘ The statue of liberty ‘ ?

A Tokyo
B New York
C Abu Dhabi
D Beijing

Which is the largest living lizard on the Earth ?

A Monitor Lizard
B Iguana
C Komodo Dragon
D None of these

Which is the smallest planet in solar system ?

A Venus
B Earth
C Jupiter
D Mercury

Which plant is known as the Red plant ?

A Mars
B Jupiter
C Venus
D Earth

in which sports in used LBW ?

A Hockey
B Football
C Cricket
D Polo

Which is the biggest planet in our solar system ?

A Mars
B Jupiter
C Venus
D Neptune

Who is known as ‘ God of Cricket ‘ ?

A Kapil Dev
B Sachin Tendulkar
C M.S. dhoni
D Virat Kohli

What is the Full form of DOB ?

A Date of Board
B Definition of Birth
C Date of Birth
D None of these

What is the name of Polygon that has four Sides ?

A Rectangle
B Triangle
C Quadrilateral
D Pentagon

Which is the Called Holly river of India ?

A Brahmaputra River
B Godavari River
C Yamuna River
D Ganga River

Name of the largest fresh water lake in India ?

A Wular Lake
B Pulicat Lake
C Bembnad Lake
D Sheshnag Lake

Which day is celebrated National teachers Day ?

A 5 April
B 5 August
C 5 September
D 5 October

Who is day is celebrated children’s Day ?

A 5 September
B 14 October
C 25 June
D 14 November

Which is the biggest part of the Humab brain ?

A Cerebellum
B Cerebrum
C Medula oblongata
D None of these

Who is called the iron man of india ?

A Dr. rajendra Prasad
B Sardar vallabhbhai Patel
C Mahatma Gandhi
D Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

The famous Sun temple is located in which state ?

A Odisha
B Punjab
C Karnataka
D Rajasthan

What is the Capital City of Maharashtra ?

A Mumbai
B Pune
C Maharashtra
D New Delhi
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